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Oldsmobile 455 Big Block Engine Build - 511-LB-FT, 445HP 455 Rocket Olds

Not Every Street Big-Block Has To Be A Lumpy-Cammed, Tunnel-Rammed Animal, So We Decided To Build A Very Streetable . . .

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Test Day
Edelbrock agreed to help us with the dyno testing, and Edelbrock dyno veteran Curt Hooker bolted our 461ci Rocket to the company's SuperFlow dyno. Before firing the engine, we pressure-lubed it with a homemade tool that really was nothing more than a 6-inch-long Allen bolt. The bolt head is used to spin the hex drive oil pump driveshaft. After properly timing the Performance Distributor D.U.I. HEI distributor, Hooker carefully broke in the Comp flat-tappet camshaft for roughly 20 minutes using Royal Purple's 10W-30 break-in oil.

Big-block Olds engines are famous for making torque, and this combination was no exception. Even at a mere 2,500 rpm, the Olds cranked out nearly 490 lb-ft, then went on to grunt out a solid 511 lb-ft at 3,700 rpm, and still managed to make a solid 445 hp at 5,000 rpm. The torque was expected, and we hedged our bet a little by trying the Edelbrock Torker single-plane intake to see if we could give the horsepower a bump. If you look closely at the torque numbers, you can see a slight dip in the curve between 3,800 and 4,500 rpm that may be due to a combination of the single-plane intake and the large 2.00-inch dyno headers. We would expect some if not all of that dip to disappear in the car with the use of our Dick Miller 13/4-inch headers and a muffled Flowmaster exhaust. We'd like to thank Edelbrock and specifically Curt Hooker for his time, expertise, and the benefit of his expansive experience that made our dyno flog much easier. Real-world dyno numbers are always better than best guesstimates. Overall, the effort was a great success, and now all we have to do is drop it into our '64 F-85 and enjoy all that torque.

Dyno Results

2,500 488 232
2,700 482 247
2,900 470 259
3,100 468 276
3,300 484 304
3,500 499 332
3,700 511 360
3,900 493 366
4,100 473 369
4,300 475 389
4,500 498 426
4,700 492 440
4,900 473 442
5,100 456 443
5,300 423 427
5,500 408 428
Peak 511 at 3,700 445 at 5,000
Average 474.5 358.7

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