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Eagle One Gel Wax

Waxes and detailing products are the subjects of many of the questions we get. Most people want their paint to look as good as possible, and paint maintenance is something anyone can do without spending a lot of money. As such, the market is flooded with products: sealer wax, cleaner wax, paste wax, liquid wax, carnauba . . . . It's easy to feel completely lost in the cleaning product aisle at the parts store. So when we received a sample of Eagle One's new Gel Wax, we were ready to dismiss it as another gimmicky car care product. It actually works well, however, and we're glad we gave it a shot.

It is made with carnauba, so it protects your finish like any other high-end wax, but what makes Gel Wax different is it's much faster to use. You literally wipe it on and immediately wipe it off. There is no dry time, no excessive buffing, and no sticky residue left behind.
Learn More: Eagle One Automotive Appearance Products; Lexington, KY; 877/532-4536;

LS + Hemi Heads = Lemmie?
What It Is: Hemi cylinder heads for LS engines by Arias
Why You Care: This month's eye candy comes courtesy of Nick Arias Jr. He created quite a stir on the LS-themed message boards after last year's SEMA show where he displayed a pair of these hemispherical combustion-chambered cylinder heads for LS engines. There was a lot of speculation as to whether they would go on sale to the public or if they were one of those "applications we're working on" that never makes it into production. Well, here they are. Let's get the bad news out of the way first: They're expensive. You'll fork over almost $4,500 for a pair. The good news is that these are full-race cylinder heads that work in street cars, too, so they have performance to back up their lofty price tag. How does 400 cfm of flow on the intake side sound? The exhaust flow is even more impressive at 300 cfm. These are as-cast flow numbers. If you were to do just a little tweaking to the ports, we can only guess at how much more air they'll flow. We talked to Nick on the phone and he told us they've already shipped about half a dozen heads. One customer is putting them on an LSX block destined for his '33 Plymouth coupe. We hope he sends us some pictures.
How Much: The full kit, which includes gaskets, fasteners, valve covers, and header flanges, costs $9,036. Gulp. The assembled heads alone cost $4,460. We Say: You won't see these in a budget LS buildup article anytime soon.
Learn More: Nick Arias Jr. Racing Components; Gardena, California; 310/323-7223;

GM Axles, Awesome Price
What It Is: Summit Racing's direct-fit axles for GM applications
Why You Care: Summit Racing recently introduced replacement axles for GM 8.2- and 8.5-inch differentials. These are chrome-moly steel axles and are sold in pairs with studs, bearings, and seals.
How Much: $219.95.
We Say: That's an awesome price for all the stuff you're getting.
Learn More: Summit Racing Equipment; Tallmadge, Ohio; 800/230-3030;

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