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Cheap Turbos From eBay On A 350 Small Block Engine - Cheap Ebay Turbos

Want 600 RWHP For Around 1,800 Bucks? Learn The Secrets Behind . . .

By , Photography by , Mike Morgan Photography

-10 AN oil drain-back flange (2) eBay $19.90
2.0 to 2.5 90-degree intercooler intake silicone (2) eBay 39.90
2.5-inch straight intercooler silicone coupler kit (2) eBay 59.90
3.5 to 4.0 turbo intake reducer silicone coupler eBay 19.95
3-inch V-band flange kit (2) eBay 49.98
50mm blow-off valve eBay 75.00
Nissan Sentra 92 to 95, 2.5-inch intercooler piping eBay 61.00
T3/T4 hybrid turbocharger (2) eBay 298.00
Twin-turbo exhaust manifold eBay 99.00
T-bolt clamps (14) eBay 42.00
Blue fuel pump Holley 131.95
Boost-referenced regulator PN30-1803 Quick Fuel 75.00
-10 AN oil drain-back fitting (2) Summit Racing 49.90
-10 bulkhead fitting (2) Summit Racing 29.90
Spectre Universal modular air intake plenum Summit Racing 75.00
ACCEL 276 spark plugs (8) Summit Racing 23.60
-3 oil feed (brake) lines (2) Westside 50.00
-4 threaded oil feed flange (2) Westside 34.00
-4 oil feed coupler (2) Westside 10.00
4 feet of -10 AN line Westside 48.00
Base System Cost
Ultra Gate 38 wastegates (2) TurboSmart 599.98
Boost controller TurboSmart 89.99
Total System Cost

Summit Racing Equipment
PO Box 909
OH  44398
Hellion Power Systems
2735 Della Rd. SW
NM  87105
Quick Fuel Technology
129 Dishman Lane
Bowling Green
KY  42101
eBay Motors
Westside Performance
Los Angeles
Spectre Performance
1720 South Carlos Avenue
CA  90761
11650 Mission Park Drive
Suite 103
Rancho Cucamonga
CA  91730
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Jon Alchin
Jon Alchin

Nothing wrong with good used parts.

Jesse Rowland
Jesse Rowland

Good point Karl, and i agree. i'd hate if my car wasn't streetable. i need fun not bragging rights.

Davide Novo
Davide Novo

Apparently I need a SBC, don't tell my boss!

Scott Samuelson
Scott Samuelson

I Bought 2 cheap e Bay turbos bout 5 years ago. For my 383 twin turbo mud truck. Hadn't had a problem yet. Work great and tons of power. For me turbos the cheap part. It was all the plumbing and silicone boots that hurt. Under Pressure Mud/mega truck racing

Minnesota Hot Rod Hardware
Minnesota Hot Rod Hardware

Ebay Turbos = 3 days of fun before they rattle themselves to death! A melted down Kia that is then recast into a turbo does not last long.

Jake Ingalls
Jake Ingalls

I'm mostly concerned about the turbos, most of us can fudge just how long the motor would last, but what makes the ebay turbos so cheap?

Ron Horning
Ron Horning

I am running a 351 4V CJ with a used 6 psi Powerdyne and a new 750 Summit carb, mechanical fuel pump in my 70 Stang. About 475/500 hp. Been running the combo 3 year plus no issues

Karl Loper
Karl Loper

Sure, I'll read that. I don't doubt that a used turbo and a mild tune would live in normal street use. What I wonder is how long THIS dual set up will last. These magazines are notorious for showing us a build with stupid cool numbers, but not telling us that it's not going to live long in the daily driver. For many years my hot rod was my daily driver.

Jesse Rowland
Jesse Rowland

Similar in a sense they used second hand parts. the whole premise of the article was an ebay turbo they bought for 200$. definitely didnt make as much power but it drove 2000+ miles. i'll try and find a link if youre interested.

Karl Loper
Karl Loper

Define similar. This story ended with that yellow '55 making 900+ hp at the tires on a pretty average SBC. I wouldn't think that kind of pressure would last long without some serious internals and/or aftermarket block.

Jesse Rowland
Jesse Rowland

Johnnie, Jake, this'd be fun with the camaro, especially with the low miles that engine has.

Jesse Rowland
Jesse Rowland

Hot Rod magazine did a similar deal and it lasted all of drag week other than a blown oil return line. then they pumped boost and detonated the engine. but without the tom-foolery it seemed to hold up well.

Karl Loper
Karl Loper

So what's the longevity of this? I've seen people spray the b'jesus out of a wrecking yard motor and make HUGE power, but it didn't last long.

Justin Bickle
Justin Bickle

I taught these guys everything they know Kristopher

James McMahan
James McMahan

".. shouldn't buy the turbos with the integral wastegates; buy the external gates instead." - Car Craft Magazine

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