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How To Race At The Road Course Or Autocross

Don't Just Stand There. Get The Basics And Learn . . .

How to race: where Getting your car on a racetrack has never been easier because there have never been as many clubs, companies, and racing organizations offering track days across the country as there are right now. The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) and the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) have been around for many years. These are national racing organizations that operate through local regions across the country. Both offer novice and relatively inexperienced drivers the opportunity to take to the track in what is commonly referred to as a performance driving experience (worded thusly for insurance reasons) in conjunction with a full weekend of racing at one of their events. You don't need to be a member to participate, either, though you may get a price break if you are.

How to race: private rental Another option is to seek out a private company that rents a track for a day and allows people to register to attend. In California, we have Open Track Racing and Speed Ventures, and similar groups are sprouting up in other parts of the country. One big advantage to attending a company track day is it may have fewer people in attendance than an SCCA or NASA track day. You may be able to spend more time on the track and share it with fewer cars.

How to race: clubs! Car clubs, and more recently, message boards, rent track time. Check the local Shelby, Corvette, Porsche, or Ferrari clubs' schedules. You may be able to tag along even if you don't own that particular car-it is in the club's interest to attract a greater number of cars to amortize the rental fee.

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