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Ford Racing's X302 Crate Engine & TCI's 4L80E Six Speed Transmission - Speed Shop

$10 per Horsepower
What It Is: Ford Racing's new X302 crate engine
Why You Care: Ford is rolling out several new crate engines over the next few months. This is the first one: The X302 - a low-cost, high-performance small-block. The Blue Oval Boys built this X302 as a 0.030-inch-over 302 block with a cast crank, forged pistons, a hydraulic roller E303 cam, and aluminum cylinder heads with 64cc chambers. The compression ratio comes in at 9.0:1, and this combination is good for 340 hp and 310 lb-ft.
How Much is the X302?: $3,495.00. Your local dealer's price may vary.
We Say: Buy a cheap Fox-body Mustang and drop this in it.
Learn More: Ford Racing Performance Parts; Dearborn, MI; 800/367-3788;

Six Speeds in the Place of Four
What It Is: A new six-speed automatic transmission from TCI.
Why You Care: More gear ratios give you the best of both worlds: better acceleration and better fuel economy. TCI's new six-speed auto box is built within the case of a GM 4L80E using its own custom gearsets. The ratios are 2.97, 2.23, 1.57, 1.18, 1.00, and 0.75:1. The tall First gear allows great off-the-line acceleration, the smaller spread between the gears eliminates any potential bogs between shifts, and the deep Overdrive means fewer stops at the gas station.
We Say: Are six-speeds the new four-speeds? Learn More: TCI Automotive; Ashland, MS; 888/776-9824;

We Test It
Black Lightning Nitrile Gloves
We've dealt with plenty of rubber gloves through the years, most of which end up getting ripped off our hands in disgust. We like these, however, because they pass the brake cleaner test, a grueling assault that leaves inferior gloves in tatters. While these Black Lightning gloves are heavy duty, they have plenty of feel for delicate work. And they're powder free, so no more corn-silky fresh hands after a long day of work.
How Much: About $13.00 for a box of 100 gloves.
Learn More: Lightning Gloves, distributed by 5Zigen, USA; Carson, CA; 310/608-5575;

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