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Wilwood Brakes D52 Caliper Install - A Quick And Easy Wilwood Caliper Bolt-On

We Love Those Driveway How-Tos That Only Take A Couple Of Hours, So Here's Our Version Of . . .

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Tech tip: Never return the utensils to the kitchen after you use them in the shop. Deny everything.

Bedding Pads
Few magazine stories on installing high-performance brake systems ever mention that new pads must be bedded properly beforehand to achieve maximum performance. Even normal driving may not achieve sufficient temperature to properly bed the pads. The procedure accomplishes this final heat cycle for the brake material. This is important for race cars, but track time is expensive, so Wilwood offers a service that will bed a set of pads. For street cars, however, this isn't necessary, as Wilwood publishes a very specific bedding process that we've included in the accompanying chart. What you do not want to do is bolt on a new set of pads and then immediately abuse the brakes in a competition situation such as a road course track day. Excessive heat applied too quickly can cause the pad material to crack or glaze, neither of which will produce optimal pad performance. This bedding process also allows the pads to transfer a small amount of material onto the rotor surface, which optimizes the coefficient of friction to the rotor. Allow 20 to 30 seconds between each step to stabilize the brake temperature.

Proportioning Valve Tuning
Whether you're adding disc bakes to a drum brake car or converting original discs to a larger or more modern front disc system, this changes the original factory balance between the front and rear brake systems. The change in brake balance is the main reason for always using an adjustable brake proportioning valve for the system. The most common type of brake proportioning (prop) valve for street cars is located in line with the rear brake hydraulic line. The valve is used to adjust the amount of hydraulic pressure applied to the rear brakes.

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