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67 Rambler - AMC Short Block Buildup

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AMC short-block N/A guy on eBay $500.00
Distributor 8523 MSD 354.95
Dipstick that fits N/A Bulltear 36.99
750hp carbs 82750 Holley 476.95 each
H-beam connecting rod CRS6000H3D Eagle/Summit Racing 588.67
Camshaft 17-UF37-UF35-110 +4 Lunati Call
Cylinder heads 401-H1-1AS Indy Cylinder Head 2,095.00
Intake gaskets 800G Mr. Gasket 12.95
Sheetmetal tunnel-ram N/A Hogan's Call
Head gasket 8266PT-1 Fel-Pro 19.95 each
Engine gaskets KS2002 Fel-Pro 92.95
Spark plugs C57CX Champion 6.39 each
Plug wires 35859 MSD 83.95
Rocker arms 85390 Lunati 285.95
Pushrods 401-P5-9K Indy Cylinder Head 145.00
Pistons Custom JE Call
Valve covers AMC Indy Cylinder Head 255.00
Rings J100F8-4210-5 JE Pistons 174.95
Engine bearings AMC 401 Clevite 116.29
Water pump AMC 401 Chrysler 45.17
Oil pan 30260 Milodon 443.33
Oil kit 24050 Milodon 313.54
Balancer 90101 Pro Comp 211.95
Timing chain CCA-3118 Comp Cams 61.50
Nickel-plated timing cover/gears N/A Bulltear 350.00
Tri-Flow bypass 534 Bulltear 134.00
Cam/distributor gears N/A Bulltear 119.00

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