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67 Rambler - AMC Short Block Buildup

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There is a special sort of satisfaction that comes from showing a set of AMC taillights to the guy in the other lane. We've enjoyed that sensation as we've pulled the handle on the One-Two shift in front of a couple of slack-jawed M3 owners and watched them fade in the rearview. We did it using the Car Craft-tweaked 67 Rambler American built with all AMC parts. The car is distinct enough to get attention and familiar enough to prevent resentment, even if it did just hand you a loss. Chevy guys think it's a Nova, Ford guys think it's a Falcon, and Mopar guys know it as a distant cousin. Import guys don't know what's going on.

Using a base 360 we hauled from a junkyard and rebuilt at JMS Racing Engines in El Monte, California, the 67 Rambler American has run 11.50s in the quarter-mile, cruised to Vegas and San Diego, and wailed on any foreign or exotic car that cares to pick a fight. The original JMS Racing combo made 465 hp with off-the-shelf parts to prove that anyone with a torque wrench could repeat the effort. We've also been hoarding a set of Indy cylinder heads for close to four years with a thickheaded plan to build a 600hp pump gas destroyer. But first we had to find a transmission that would handle the load, build a rearend that wouldn't crack like a peanut, and assemble all the little parts that make a good AMC tick.

67 Rambler Cam Specs
Lunati custom grind:
17-UF37-UF35-110 +4
Duration: 291/301 advertised; 263/268 at 0.050
Lift: 0.608/0.630 with a 1.6:1 rocker
Springs: No. 73124, 136 pounds at 1.880, 1.500 OD
Lifter: AMC solid lifter PN 70998
General spring info: installed height 1.850, pocket 1.550

67 Rambler Head Specs
18-degree Indy heads
235cc intake/105 exhaust
2.100/1.650 valves
53cc chamber
We tested the Indy heads on Westech's flow bench with a 4.030 plate and an exhaust pipe at 28 inches of mercury.

0.100 63 26
0.200 132 108
0.300 190 144
0.400 230 179
0.500 244 193
0.600 256 203
0.700 262 209

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