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World Products' Aluminum 409 Chevy Block - Speed Shop

Ronkonkoma is a hamlet in the town of Islip in Suffolk County on Long Island, New York. Say ron-KONK-uh-muh if you want to sound like a native.

Two New Engines
What It Is:
World Products' new aluminum 409 Chevy and 6.1L Hemi
Why You Care: It seems World Products is on a mission to make a high-performance version of nearly all American V-8 engine blocks. Having just added aluminum versions of the original wedge and Hemi blocks to his lineup, Bill Mitchell floated an email out to us with pictures of two new aluminum blocks: the classic 409 Chevrolet W motor and his version of the new Hemi. Details are sketchy because the blocks are being revealed as we go to press, but we can't wait to see what people will do with them.
How Much: We'll tell you as soon as we know.
Learn More: World Products; Ronkonkoma, NY; 631/981-1918;

Delrinterize your F-Car
What It Is:
Body mount bushings for the first-gen F-car
Why You Care: Of all the things you can do to your car to improve its handling and ride, how many of us think about replacing the body mount bushings? They're easily overlooked because they are out of sight for the most part. Think about it, though: All the trick subframes and tubular A-arms won't be fully effective unless the structure they're mounted to is rigidly attached to the car. The OE rubber bushings have probably seen better days, too. Fortunately, BMR Fabrication sells a full set made of Delrin instead of rubber. The bushings are CNC cut, and unlike polyurethane, Delrin is squeak-free. Your subframe never fit this good.
How Much: To be announced
We Say: Delrin is an acetal resin developed and trademarked by DuPont in the '50s. It has been used in virtually everything from model trains and eggbeater handles to zippers and buckles, in addition to its myriad automotive uses.
Learn More: BMR Fabrication; Thonotosassa, FL; 813/986-9302;

More Camaro Stuff
What It Is:
A Hurst shifter for new Camaros
Why You Care: The aftermarket has really embraced this car, so it's no surprise to see Hurst now has a Billet/Plus 2 shifter for the '10 Camaro. It is CNC-machined stainless and offers a shorter throw than the stock shifter. It will fit V-6 and V-8 cars.
How Much: $446.41
We Say: All right, that costs more than we thought it would.
Learn More: Hurst Shifters; Chatsworth, CA; 818/483-1366;

Kooks Has The Camaro Covered
What It Is:
Kooks' exhaust for the new Camaro
Why You Care: New Camaro owners, get to work modifying your cars. The exhaust system is a great place to start, and Kooks has everything for the new Camaro: headers, cross-pipes with cats, and tailpipes. Buy them individually or as an entire system if your budget permits. You'll be getting some of the best components money can buy. Made from 304-alloy stainless steel, this 3-inch system will give you about 40 more horsepower at the wheels and make some great noise while doing it.
How Much: $1,498.00 for the headers, $2,390.00 for the entire system
We Say: Yeah, that's a lot of cash, but it's stainless. It will last as long as the car.
Learn More: Kooks Custom Headers; Statesville, NC; 866/586-5665; kookscustom

A Better Option
What It Is:
Hotchkis' new A-arms for Chrysler A-Bodies
Why You Care: Prior to the release of these control arms, you had to put up with the stock suspension or completely replace the front end of the car with an aftermarket K-member and coilover shocks. Hotchkis designed these tubular A-arms as another, less expensive option for owners who would like to take a few hard corners without taking out a second mortgage. They are made with TIG-welded 1 1/8-inch tubing and were designed with much better castor and camber possibilities to improve handling and steering response and reduce bump-steer. Best of all, they bolt right on to any '67 to '72 Valiant, Dart, Duster, or '67 to '69 Barracuda.
How Much: $660.95
Learn More: Hotchkis Sport Suspension; Santa Fe Springs, CA; 888/735-6425;

What It Is:
High-temperature heat-shrink tubing from Design Engineering
Why You Care: In addition to the insulating properties heat-shrink tubing offers, it is also a good way to bundle wires and cables. DEI recently expanded its line of tubing, adding 3, 6, and 9mm tubing to its existing 12, 18, and 24mm lines. They shrink at a 3:1 ratio by applying about 120 degrees and will withstand constant exposure to 275 degrees. How Much: Depends on the diameter tubing you buy, but prices range from $10.84 to $19.27. It's sold in 4-foot sections.
We Say: 3:1 shrink ratio-bad for clothes, good for tubes
Learn More: Design Engineering; Avon Lake, OH; 800/264-9472;

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