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Budget Mod Motor Build - The Mod Motor Rocks

Shed Those Pushrods And Embrace The Future. The Cobra Guys Have Known All Along That The Mod Motor Rocks

By , Photography by Courtesy Ford Racing and Performance Parts, , Nick McKinney

Performance 2V Build No. 2
MMR's TWO-Valve Street Thrasher Modular Mustang Racing is about two hours away from our offices, so we spent several hours poking around its shop for some more build ideas. Engine builder Alex Clochiatti outlined a cool build for us, which is a variant of the Street Mod 600 long-block the company sells as a crate engine on its website. This build starts with a new 4.6 block, a cast crank with forged rods and pistons, new PI heads, degreed PI cams, and ARP fasteners. This combination sells for $4,499.

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