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1989 Chevy K2500 TBI Setup - What's Your Problem?

You also asked about aluminum heads other than the Edelbrock castings. Gene Knowlton did the design work with help from pattern maker Gary Brown, and the heads are available through Lynn Wellfringer's Mondello Performance Products in Paso Robles, California. These hard-core Olds guys have developed a big-port head that they claim flows 329 cfm on the intake at 0.500-inch lift. This is a bunch more than the Edelbrock head, which Dick says flows around 240 cfm on the intake. Gene also claims his head will flow a maximum of 400 cfm at 0.800-inch lift. While impressive, these heads would be overkill for your 350 or even a mild 403 street engine. These heads are really intended for the hard-core drag racer looking for maximum flow for an Olds engine.

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Monte Carlos Forever
Andrew Carter, Bedford, IN: I have been subscribing to Car Craft for almost three years, and all I hear about are Chevelles, Novas, Camaros, and El Caminos. I am just asking, but do you think you guys could do a couple of articles on the first-generation Monte Carlos? I personally have a '70 Monte. It looks like hell but runs like a beast if it decides to run at all. Chevelle articles help, but the Monte is a whole other animal in itself. Even if you don't, I still love the rag and will keep subscribing.

Jeff Smith: For the sake of those who may not be aware of it, while Chevy calls this car a Monte Carlo, it's really a Chevelle with a long snout. What that means is while the body and interior are completely different, the mechanical underpinnings for a '70 to '72 Monte are exactly the same as the '68 to '72 Chevelles. That means that a set of Hedman headers for a '70 Chevelle will bolt right on a '70 Monte Carlo. Since headers are virtually the only engine component that is body-style specific (with a few intake manifold exceptions), inductive reasoning points us to the idea that any small- or big-block Chevy engine buildup will have direct applications to any '70 to '72 Monte Carlo. Transmission applications fall under the same situation. So let's say you want to convert your Monte's TH350 automatic to a Muncie four-speed. The factory bellhousing, clutch, pressure plate, and linkage from a '68 to '72 Chevelle will bolt right in. For example, Year One offers a clutch linkage Z-bar for these cars (PN RZ19) for $39.95, and the pedals will drop right in as well. One step further, if you found a 12-bolt out of a '70 big-block Chevelle, it would bolt right in that '70 Monte.

This Chevelle interchangeability also applies to suspension parts, which means any aftermarket component such as shocks, springs, sway bars, control arms, and trailing arms designed for a '68 to '72 Chevelle will bolt right on to a '70 Monte. This means Global West, Hotchkis, QA1, RideTech, and the dozens of other suspension-related companies all offer parts for your Monte. So if you see a story in Car Craft on how to upgrade a '69 Chevelle suspension, for example, any recommendations for that car would automatically carry over to your '70 Monte. Specific chassis tuning ideas might change a little because of the Monte's massive front nose length and the added weight the front suspension would have to deal with, but the basic components would remain the same. In other words, a front, lower ball joint for a '70 Chevelle will be the exact same piece for a '70 Monte Carlo.

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