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Rockwell's Jawhorse Work Bench - Speed Shop

We Test It!
Rockwell's Jawhorse

I recently built several steel-tubing tire racks for my shop and spent an entire weekend cutting and welding tubing on the floor. While that's OK if you're 20 years old-old guys (like me) prefer to work standing up. So when I saw this Rockwell JawHorse, it looked like just the ticket.

The unit will clamp odd-shaped objects up to 37 inches wide, and the simple, all-steel tripod stance combines with its 43-pound mass to offer excellent stability. Plus, the JawHorse will fold up into a very compact shape that can be stored almost anywhere. But you may never fold it up because we found all kinds of uses for this tool. In addition to the JawHorse, we ordered the welding jaw option that employs an articulating clamp to easily hold a separate object to be welded. The all-steel jaw easily set up to lock the second length of square tubing, allowing us to easily weld the tubes. It was better than having another set of hands because the work pieces were rock steady.

The JawHorse comes with either soft rubber or aluminum jaws that will hold even round tubing with no sweat. There are also optional jaws that will allow you to clamp up to a 48-inch-wide piece of plywood. The JawHorse comes all folded up in a cardboard shipping box, and the hardest part of our whole exercise was figuring out how to get it unfolded the first time. After half an hour, it earned its own well-deserved section of shop floor space. How Much: $177.76 from The welding jaw option is $69.99. Learn More: Rockwell Tools; 866/514-7625;

Turbos For Everyone!
What It Is: Bolt-on twin-turbo systems for your Chevy
Why You Care: The basic kit costs the same as a supercharger and has the potential to make a lot more power. It also fits on most muscle car-era Chevys without fabrication. This is a premium, stainless steel twin-turbo system with the most efficient, tightest-fitting, eye-catching 4-into-2 design possible. This design allows one exhaust pulse to scavenge the next, keeping the individual pulse energy intact all the way to the turbo. Because of this, Wrenchrat can offer larger turbochargers that have the boost response of smaller ones. If you're looking for the ability to make four-digit horsepower, maybe this is the kit you want. No more need to change pulleys or nitrous jets to adjust power-simply reach under the dash and give the boost controller knob a twist and you're set.
How Much: The Wrenchrat Stage-1 system is capable of supporting 500 to 1,000-plus horsepower starting at $4,995.00.
Learn More: Wrenchrat; Spokane, WA; 509/462-2934;

Roots Power For 2V Modular Fords
What It Is:
A supercharger kit for '99 to '04 Mustangs
Why You Care: Tork Tech is a relatively new company in the supercharger kit business, and it's earned a reputation working with the 2V Modular guys, but with a Roots-style supercharger instead of the typical centrifugal supercharger. In its newest kit, Tork Tech has fitted a Magnuson-built Eaton TVS1900 supercharger to a 2V manifold that also incorporates a charge cooler. The Magnuson TVS supercharger moves a lot of air at a very high efficiency rating, so you can make between 500 and 700 hp. You will need to improve your 4.6's bottom end and upgrade to an SVT Cobra fuel system to make the big numbers. Tork Tech's kit also includes a separate drive pulley that bolts on to the stock crank pulley and drives an eight-rib belt operating independently of the engine's accessory drive system.
How Much: $4,999.00
We Say: What do you guys think of a 500hp ex-cop car Crown Victoria?
Learn More: Tork Tech Superchargers; Portland, OR; 513/697-0060;

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