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Photo Motivation To Get You Off The Couch

By Car Craft Staff, Photography by Car Craft Staff, courtesy of the owner

'10 Super Duty 455
LPE has devised a 455ci surprise for Pontiac true believers. This illustration is exactly what you think it is. With a trick Shaker hood, some fender bulges, and a new fascia, LPE has transformed the Camaro into what Pontiac might have pulled off if GM were run by gearheads. And the 455 reference is much more than a decal, with a true 455ci Gen IV motor sitting between the fenders, just to complete the Pontiac vibe. The car is still a work in progress as we write this, but if LPE can promise 750 hp from a 427, imagine what it can do with a 455.

V-6 Blower Camaro
If a heavy insurance premium is preventing you from buying a new Camaro SS, don't give up just yet. LPE is developing a bolt-on centrifugal supercharger, and we drove its maiden test ride. LPE is aiming for 450 hp for this direct-injected package.

Drivetrain Strain
While too much horsepower is exciting, keep in mind that the new Camaro also rolls on an IRS. While that makes churning corners more exciting, word is that all that extra torque puts the IRS in jeopardy. First of all, tall 20-inch tires and wheels are heavy, which puts more load on those IRS halfshafts. But the biggest problem is axle tramp. LPE is working on a cure that includes stiffer mount bushings for the cradle and spherical rod ends to minimize unwanted movement. Plus, LPE now offers heavier axleshafts that will no doubt help to minimize breakage. The company's also working on a larger-diameter ring gear set that will grow the stock 8.58-inch diameter up to something around 9.5 inches.

By Car Craft Staff
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