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Photo Motivation To Get You Off The Couch

By Car Craft Staff, Photography by courtesy of the owner, Car Craft Staff

10-Flat ZR1 Corvette
While not Camaro news, we couldn't resist this story. Everyone should know by now about the '09 ZR1 supercharged Corvette. It's powered by a 6.2L, all-aluminum, 9:1-compression engine with an Eaton TVS2300 supercharger that from the factory makes 638 hp at 6,500 rpm. A production ZR1 will run 11.30s at 131 mph, but the guys at LPE decided they could do better. We got a look at the prototype of a new inlet casting that fits between the throttle body and the blower. LPE's new casting offers a much more direct shot to the supercharger, which does wonderful things for horsepower. LPE's chassis dyno testing measured 739 rwhp and 720 rear-wheel torque with the addition of this part, a smaller blower pulley, a larger crank pulley, software tuning, a larger intercooler, a larger intercooler reservoir, and race gas. With these changes plus 345/45R18 Mickey Thompson ET Street radials on CCW wheels, the Vette ran a tire-spinning 10.03 at 141.50 mph at Muncie Dragway on an 80-degree day. In three runs, the car never ran slower than 10.16. What's impressive is this was with an otherwise stock suspension. LPE engineer Jason Haines says, "We never even pulled the valve covers." If you want to see the video, go to

Low-Buck Diesel Wagon
You might remember these guys from a feature we ran in the Dec. '08 issue. Chad Maskrey and Blake Hughes built a primer '67 Chevy II with a couple of hair dryers and a 6.0L swap to cruise on the Hot Rod Power Tour. We caught up to them recently at the NMCA LSX shootout in Memphis and watched them click off a couple of low-10-second e.t.'s with the very same car. "You've seen this pile before," Chad said. He'd spotted us staring at the engine in lanes. "Check out what we're working on." Chad waved his iPhone with a miniature shop photo featuring a Nova Wagon with a big engine parked at Blake's shop, 417 Motorsports in Springfield, Missouri. The plan is to build a wagon, throw in a Duramax turbodiesel engine and a huge gas tank so Chad and all his friends can pile into it, go on the '10 Tour, and share costs. Camping in it isn't out of the question, either. The car was spotted online and dragged from rust-free California to the shop. The outside will remain bone stock, and much of the original Aztec Bronze color will be retained. The stock Duramax manifolds will be flipped and welded for twin turbos, and the drivetrain will be a 4L60E transmission with a Lincoln Versailles rearend.

By Car Craft Staff
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