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AFR 265cc Big Block Cylinder Heads & Eastwoods Rust Converter - Speed Shop

What It Is: Eastwoods Rust Converter
Why You Care: Eastwood Rust Converter recently reformulated this long-running product to make it work straight out of the bottle. The prior iteration used a converter with an activator that had to be mixed. Now you can apply the Eastwoods Rust Converter directly. It treats the rust, leaving a surface that is ready to be primed and painted.
How Much is Eastwoods Rust Converter?: $19.99 for an aerosol can, $29.99 for a quart, and $99.99 for a gallon
We Say: We hate rust.
Learn More: The Eastwoods Rust Converter.; Pottstown, PA; 800/343-9353;

Better Flow for your AFR 265 big block.
What It Is: AFR's 265cc big block Chevy cylinder heads
Why You Care: Because you want your big block to make monster power. AFR's heads flow 340 cfm at 0.600-inch lift and will support engines making 700 hp. Those stats are even more impressive when you take into consideration that these are oval-port heads. They can be ordered CNC-ported and breathe through 2.19-inch intake and 1.88-inch exhaust valves.
How Much: Pricing ranges from $1,559.00 to $2,391.00, depending on how much machining and assembly you want.
We Say: Smith keeps threatening to put a big block in his Orange Peel Chevelle. These would look nice on top, wouldn't they?
Learn More: Air Flow Research; Valencia, CA; 877/892-8844;

Born Again
What It Is: Doug's Headers for Cobra Jet Mustangs
Why You Care: These headers were originally designed to fit the tight confines of '67 and '68 Mustangs fitted with 390 to 428 FE engines. Well, now they're back. These are the original Doug's D627 Super Stock-tuned, long-tube headers for '67 to '70 Mustangs, and they are made to flow a bunch of air with 2-inch primary tubes and 3 1/2-inch collectors. They fit automatic and manual transmission cars. The ceramic coating is standard, but you can order them uncoated if you want.
How Much: Summit sells them for $914.95.
We Say: We like the crossover tubes.
Learn More: PerTronix; San Dimas, CA; 909/599-5955;

Brawny 700
What It Is: Monster Transmission's 700-R4 conversion kit
Why You Care: Save a few bucks on gasoline and enjoy highway cruising even more by swapping out your three-speed trans for one with overdrive. Monster Transmission offers a 700-R4 conversion kit to replace TH350s and 400s in Chevrolet muscle cars. The Mega Monster 500hp kit includes nearly everything you'll need to install it, including speedo gears and throttle valve cable. Depending on what transmission your car came with originally, you may need to modify or relocate your crossmember.
How Much: Buy it online for less than $1,900.00
We Say: You'll be able to laugh at gas stations as you pass them by.
Learn More: Monster Transmission and Performance; Spring Hill, FL; 800/708-0087;

Fender What?
What It Is: OER's fender and spoiler welting kit
Why You Care: Welting, you know-the stuff that goes in the seam between two parts. OK, we had to look that up, but this is the stuff that goes in between the fender flares and spoilers of rubber-nose Camaros. We're guessing this stuff was hard to find until OER came out with this kit. It comes with 15 feet of welting material, which the company says should be enough to take care of the spoiler and ground effects kits of one of these cars. How Much: Varies. Contact your local restoration shop or GM dealer.
We Say: Don't use tape on your spoiler.
Learn More: Original Equipment Reproduction; Westminster, CA;

Mega Flow
What It Is: Quick Fuel's 1,450-cfm carburetor
Why You Care: This carb (PN FX-4714) is a huge hit in NHRA Pro Stock. It is a hand-assembled aluminum-body carburetor with three-circuit billet metering blocks. The venturis were lengthened and their openings reshaped to improve airflow and throttle response. There are five emulsion channels with screw-in restrictors to allow fine-tuning of the fuel-delivery capabilities. The fuel bowls include sight glasses, and there are nonstick gaskets between the metering blocks.
How Much: Pricing hasn't been announced yet, but look to spend about $1,000.00.
We Say: Does anyone make a 1,320-cfm carburetor?
Learn More: Quick Fuel Technology; Bowling Green, KY; 270/793-0900;

New Car Stuff
What It Is: Ram's lightweight flywheel for Chrysler Hemi engines
Why You Care: Less rotating mass is free horsepower, or so they say. We recently had a chance to drive a six-speed Challenger SRT8 and loved the power delivery of the 6.1 Hemi. This would be a cool upgrade because you're dropping 14 pounds of rotating weight off the crank. Your engine has less inertia to overcome, which means you can send a few extra ponies to the rear wheels to get that sled moving. It's made from 6061 aluminum and accepts the stock clutch.
How Much: $499.00
We Say: Cool fact: These are rebuildable-the friction surface is mild steel and can be removed and replaced.
Learn More: Ram Automotive; Columbia, SC; 803/788-6034;

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