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Supercharging Guide & Mobil 1 Racing Oil - Speed Shop

Supercharging of Sorts
What It Is: A cold-air intake kit for second-gen F-cars
Why You Care: Cold-air kits for carbureted engines can be pretty lame, often amounting to little more than dryer vent hose and some cheap PVC plastic bits cobbled together from the plumbing bins at your local Home Depot. The ProFab Race Pak cold-air intake kit from Spectre adds functionality and a ton of class to the world of cold-air kits. It includes the cool spun-aluminum air cleaner housing and mandrel-bent aluminum tubes that draw in cool air from the fenders. On the dyno, the Spectre '70 Camaro test mule saw about a 7 percent increase in power with the kit installed.
How Much: $527.99
We Say: You have to relocate the battery to make this fit.
Lean More: Spectre Performance; Ontario, CA; 800/821-4868;

What It Is: Reproduction slot mags by Stockton Wheel Service
Why You Care: We love these wheels, and you should, too. Though the original Ansen Sprints are long gone, reproductions are available from American Racing and now from Stockton Wheel Service. The company's SLT wheel is a one-piece aluminum casting available in a variety of widths, offsets, and bolt patterns from 15 to 17 inches, and it comes in a mirror-polished finish.
How Much: Prices range from $180.00 to $230.00.
We Say: We can see slot mags becoming the new Torq-Thrusts.
Learn More: Stockton Wheel Service; Stockton, CA; 800/395-9433;

We Read It!
A Complete Guide to Street Supercharging
When researching any project, whether it is a magazine article or a complete engine build, it is good to have as many reliable sources of information as possible. While working on the massive supercharging tome of death in this issue, we crammed our brains with every nugget of forced induction information we could glean off the Internet, in books, and in speaking with mechanical engineers and random dudes off the street. We found this book by Pat Ganahl to be especially useful in providing a good mix of math and real-world information in a straightforward and highly digestible format. If a supercharger factors into your engine build, we recommend reading this book ahead of time.
Get Yours: A Complete Guide to Street Supercharging; CarTech Books; North Branch, MN;

AMC Stuff!
What It Is: A serpentine belt kit for AMC V-8s by
Why You Care: When a new product press release for an AMC engine part breaks through our company's email firewall, we take notice. Check this out: A guy designed, built, and is selling a serpentine belt kit for AMC engines. The kit includes billet aluminum pullies for the crank, water pump, alternator, and power steering pump. Even cooler, you can choose standard diameter or 10 percent underdriven pulleys. They will work with AMCs from '67 to '91.
How Much: $429.99
We Say: Check out for a lot more cool AMC stuff.
Learn More: Bulltear Industries; Lindstrom, MN; 651/257-7917;

Probably Adds Horsepower
What It Is: Mobil 1's Racing Oil
Why You Care: Like lots of parts that are marketed as "race only," this stuff is not intended for street car use. But if your car regularly does hard time at the track, whether it's in a straight line or if there are some curves in your road, this new oil deserves your consideration. It contains extra antiwear phosphorous additives that were intended to specifically protect highly loaded flat-tappet cam lobes, though it's usefulness is certainly not limited to monoroller cam engines. This formula also withstands extremely high temperatures-up to 400 degrees. Try that with regular off-the-shelf oils. Mobil 1 Racing Oil is available in either 0W-20 or 0W-30 viscosities.
How Much: $127.02 for a case of 6 quarts. You can buy directly from Mobil 1 Racing online, mobil1racing
Learn More: Mobil 1, Exxon Mobil Corp.; Fairfax, VA; 800/662-4525;

Bigger Boss Block
What It Is: Ford Racing's Boss 351 block
Why You Care: We built one of the new Boss 302 blocks last year and were impressed with its strength of durability. This new Boss block will handle supersized displacements. Max bore size is 4.125 inches, and the bottom end can house a 4.25-inch-stroke crank. That adds up to a massive 454 ci with the promise of more to come in a design later this year. The block is based on Windsor architecture but has Cleveland-sized 2.75-inch main journals. Two deck heights are available, 9.2 and 9.5 inches. The blocks are made with diesel-grade iron with a tough-as-nails 41,000-psi tensile strength and come with splayed main bearing caps and an upgraded oiling system.
How Much: $1,999.00
We Say: Build big inches and rule the streets.
Learn More: Ford Racing Performance Parts; Dearborn, MI; 800/367-3788;

Bolt on 160 HP
What It Is: Edelbrock's E-Force Supercharger system for '05 to '09 Mustangs
Why You Care: Ford's Modular V-8s take to boost like tweenie girls take to the Jonas Bros.: They can't get enough. This new kit from Edelbrock is available in two versions: a 466hp 50-state-legal version and an irresistible, off-road-only, 700-plus-horsepower competition kit. At the heart of the kit is an Eaton 2.3L Twin Vortices-series supercharger. Edelbrock also includes an intercooler, high-flow fuel injectors, an 85mm throttle body, a handheld ECM programmer to reflash the car's ECM, and the necessary belts, pulleys, and brackets.
How Much: $5,795.87 for the 50-state-legal kit. The competition kit is less expensive at $4,459.87, but you'll need to buy more parts to put it on your car.
We Say: We'll take the whine of a supercharger over the Auto-Tune'd J-Bros.' voices any day of the week, so this will be the only Jonas Bros. reference in Car Craft ever.
Learn More: Edelbrock; Torrance, CA; 310/781-2222;

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