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GM LS Engine Build - Lester Scruggs Stroker Motor

Building An LS-Based Engine Is Easier Than It Seems, So We Added A Stroker Crank To Pump The Cubes Up To 404 Ci-Then We Named This Engine Lester Scruggs

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Short-Block Assembly
Here's where the fun starts. After returning the block to our shop, we cleaned it one last time with hot soapy water and then began the assembly. We'll spare you the details of the half day we spent measuring bearing clearances. While aluminum block motors need a little more clearance, we aimed for the more traditional 0.0025-inch rod and main bearing clearance spec along with a proper crank endplay and rod side clearance. Assembling the short-block is not much different from building any small- or big-block, but there are some minor details that change. LS engines are actually very easy to assemble.

LS Assembly Tricks
There are some specific differences in assembling a typical LS engine, including a couple of required oil gallery plugs, the front and rear covers need a little attention, and there's a cool technique to installing the oil pump. None of these steps is difficult, and you can bolt on all these parts without expensive specialty tools. Let's get to it.

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