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GM LS Engine Build - Lester Scruggs Stroker Motor

Building An LS-Based Engine Is Easier Than It Seems, So We Added A Stroker Crank To Pump The Cubes Up To 404 Ci-Then We Named This Engine Lester Scruggs

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Final Assembly
Now that the short-block is complete, there are just a few more steps to bringing Lester Scruggs to life. All factory LS engines use torque-to-yield head bolts that can only be used once. Since this engine is destined for multiple cylinder head tests, we opted for a set of ARP heads studs. Another excellent reason to use the studs is to eliminate the problem of blind head boltholes. Coolant or water that seeps into the head boltholes while bolts are installed can cause a hydraulic situation when the head bolts are torqued that can crack aluminum or iron blocks. The ARP head studs eliminate that possibility.

Torque Specs
The following values are a combination of factory and aftermarket fastener torque specs as employed on this engine. The specs for the main and head studs came from ARP and cannot and should not be used with factory fasteners. All ARP torque numbers are with the ARP moly lube. All torque values are in ft-lb unless noted.

Fastener Torque Value
ARP main studs Inner, 60
Outer, 50
Side, 20
ARP rod bolt stretch 0.0046 inch
ARP head studs M11, 70
M8, 23
ARP crank bolt 235 ft-lb
Flywheel 74 (15-37-74)
Cam sprocket 26
Oil pump to block 18
Oil pump cover 106 in-lb
Oil pump pickup to oil pump 106 in-lb
Oil pan M8 (to block) 18
Oil pan M6 (to rear cover) 106 in-lb
Front and rear covers 18
Intake manifold 89 in-lb
Rocker arm bolts 22
Valve cover 106 in-lb
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