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Turbo Pontiac 400 Build - Ludicrous Pontiac Power

Ken Crocie Built A 489ci Stroker Pontiac Pressurized With A Single Turbo And A Q-Jet That Is A Recipe For Ludicrous Power

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Tale Of The Tape
Cubic Inches Bore Stroke
400 4.12 3.75
489 4.16 4.50
Cam Specs
Comp Cams Advertised Duration Lift
XFI Custom Duration At 0.050 At 1.5:1 Rocker
Hydraulic Roller (Degrees) (Degrees) (Inches)
Intake 3015B lobe 274 224 0.537
Exhaust 3036B lobe 282 230 0.533
Lobe-separation angle 114  

The Turbo
While many of the described parts may seem overly restrictive given the search for power, the one overriding factor that makes up for much of this is the turbocharger. Back in the day, Crocie used a rather small Rajay turbo. Now that hair dryers have had almost 30 years to improve, he sought help from PT Turbochargers to give this original spinner a much-needed boost. He gave the original turbo back to the customer and started from scratch. The entire compressor housing side was exchanged for a much more modern 60mm Rotomaster. Mounting the turbo in the original location with the same bracket demanded an original Rajay exhaust housing, but it was too small at 1.0 A/R, so Performance Turbos dug up a sole-surviving 1.3 A/R Rajay housing. Along with an equally rare Rajay centersection using newer compressor and exhaust turbine wheels, this turbo is definitely a one-off piece.

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