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Bolts & Fasteners: The Best Buys In Small Parts

If You're Overpaying For Little Stuff, Then We've Found The Best Buys In Small Parts

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Aircraft Parts For Muscle Cars
There is an undeniable connection between aviation and the high-performance automotive world. AN lines, aerospace fasteners, and heat shielding materials are just some of aviation's contributions. One place car crafters may not think to look for useful products is the homebuilt aircraft industry. We scored a phone book-sized catalog from a company called Aircraft Spruce & Supply, which offers all kinds of cool goodies that are interesting and affordable. For example, we found some cool, expandable, nylon-braided wire covering that other places sell for more than $1.00 per foot. Aircraft Spruce's price for a 100-foot length of similar 3/8-inch material goes for less than $50.00. If you work with rivets, as the aviation guys do, you probably won't find a larger selection than in the Aircraft Spruce catalog. We found some nonstructural aluminum rivets for an excellent 3 cents apiece. Hardware stores sell these same rivets for much more.

While searching through the catalog, we found a very cool sheetmetal working tool that we just had to tell you about. It's called an adjustable rivet spacer tool and looks like one of those expandable kiddie gates that blocks a doorway, except the bottom of each expanding leg is drilled with a hole that can be used to quickly mark evenly spaced rivet holes in large panels. Think how much time that would save. A 10-hole spacer is only $22.50, while the larger 20-hole spacer is less than $40.00. Aircraft Spruce also sells rivet guns and Cleco pliers at excellent prices and cushion (Adel) clamps in sizes from 1/8- to 1 3/4-inch diameters at far better prices than your local auto parts store.

Aircraft Spruce Pieces
Description PN Source Price
3/8-inch cushion clamp MS21919-WDG6 Aircraft Spruce $0.42 each
1/2-inch cushion clamp MS21919-WDG8 Aircraft Spruce $0.41 each
Cleco pliers 12-01480 Aircraft Spruce $4.40
Cleco pins, 1/8 inch (10) 12-01138 Aircraft spruce $4.30
H-D rivet gun 12-18352 Aircraft Spruce $32.95
1/8-inch aluminum rivets (100) BSPS-42 Aircraft Spruce $3.00
Adjustable rivet spacer (10 hole) 12-00184 Aircraft Spruce $22.50
Adjustable rivet spacer (20 hole) 12-11700 Aircraft Spruce $39.85
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