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Accessory Drive Belt on a Budget

Eliminate The Frustration Of Thrown And Twisted Belts With A Trip To The Boneyard To Build Your Own Budget Belt Drive

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Make sure to order the parts for the vehicle you used as the donor car. Remember, the water pump will be reverse-rotation. Here's a tip: You can always tell a reverse-rotation water pump because the pulley will be smooth since it runs off the backside of the belt.

All we did for the small-block setup was clean up all the brackets, blast and paint the pulleys, and then bolt the system together. We didn't need an A/C pump and discovered that Dorman makes an A/C-delete pulley that bolts in place of the A/C compressor. This requires the use of the entire A/C bracket, but by doing so it allows you to retain the stock belt length. We also opted for a new idler and tensioner assembly because the bearings in these pulleys are usually nearly dead. The beauty of this system is that whenever you need a replacement component, you can find it at any auto parts store. That's especially nice if you're in a hurry to get the car running.

If you purchase everything we list for the small-block Chevy engine swap (excluding the power steering pump $50.00 core charge and shipping costs), the price comes in less than $290.00. This makes it virtually a brand-new accessory drive with new or rebuilt parts. To put that in perspective, the Scoggin-Dickey price for the non-A/C version of the GM Performance Parts accessory drive system is $550.00 or roughly $260.00 more. If you crave a little bling, March sells aluminum pulleys for this system as well. So this is a pretty good deal, and there are plenty of opportunities to shave cost if you're creative.

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