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Accessory Drive Belt on a Budget

Eliminate The Frustration Of Thrown And Twisted Belts With A Trip To The Boneyard To Build Your Own Budget Belt Drive

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Big-Block Serpentine
As good as the small-block system is, we ran across a cool conversion kit that applies these same pieces for a big-block. We introduced you to Kwik Performance with our LS-series engine accessory drive story back in the May '09 issue ("LS Accessory Drive Swap Guide"). The Kwik folks also identified a need for an inexpensive big-block serpentine accessory drive and discovered that with seven simple aluminum brackets, it's possible to adapt the small-block serpentine beltdrive system to a big-block Chevy with kits for standard-deck and tall-deck Rat motors. It's really that simple. For the record, GM did build a big-block serpentine beltdrive system starting in the early '90s through model year 2000 in 3/4 and 1-ton trucks, Suburbans, and other large vehicles. It is possible to find this system, but you're more likely to find it in a truck-only boneyard-and you'll pay more for the privilege. GM Performance Parts also sells a complete serpentine beltdrive system for either standard- or tall-deck Rats with or without A/C.

All the previous parts we detailed for the small-block are used on the big-block with the exception of the water pump. In fact, Chevrolet interchangeability is so good that even the small-block serpentine water pump pulley can be used on the big-block. Kwik's brackets easily adapt the small-block system to the Rat, and the only other critical components you need are a big-block serpentine crank pulley and a different belt. We also found a cool aluminum crank pulley from March Pulleys that is only a few dollars more than the factory steel piece.

Small-Block Accessory Drive
Description PN Source Price
Used factory mounts and pulleys Used Junkyard $40.00
Alternator, BBB Precision N78617 Rock Auto $76.99
Power steering pump, A-1 Cardone 207840 Rock Auto $46.89, plus core
Water pump, Gates 43114 Rock Auto $25.79
Belt tensioner, Gates 38108 Rock Auto $35.79
Tensioner pulley, Gates* 38001 Rock Auto $16.82
Idler, Gates 38006 Rock Auto $12.69
Belt, Gates K060956 Rock Auto $21.79
A/C-delete pulley, Dorman 34152 Rock Auto $27.79
GMPP A/C accessory drive, SBC 12497698 Scoggin-Dickey $808.80
GMPP non-A/C accessory drive, SBC 12497697 Scoggin-Dickey $550.00
GMPP accessory drive brackets, SBC 12497869 Scoggin-Dickey $325.00
*This is used to replace the tensioner pulley, so there is no need to purchase a new tensioner.
Big-Block Accessory Drive
GM 454 crank pulley 10085753 Burt Chevrolet $73.59
Used factory mounts and pulleys Used Junkyard $40.00
Kwik adapter plate kit, std deck K10004 Kwik Performance $129.00
Kwik adapter plate kit, tall deck K10014 Kwik Performance $129.00
ACDelco 454 water pump 252722 Rock Auto $36.79
Belt, Gates K060970 Rock Auto $26.79
GMPP A/C accessory drive, BBC 19172805 Scoggin-Dickey $770.00
GMPP non-A/C accessory drive, BBC 19172806 Scoggin-Dickey $642.00
March aluminum 454 crank 4351 Summit Racing $79.88
Kwik Performance
Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center
5901 Spur 327
TX  79424
Rock Auto
6680 Odana Road
WI  53719
March Performance
16160 Performance Way
FL  34110
Chevrolet Performance Parts
P.O. Box 33170
MI  48232
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