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Chevy 350 Engine Build - Sleeper Small-Block Combo

Sneak Up And Put 'Em Away With This Sleeper Small-Block Combo

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This is the perfect short-block for your sleeper. It looks like an ordinary Chevy 350, but underneath is a 4.00-inch stroke crank and a sturdy bottom end that is ready to handle dragstrip time, street miles, and some hits from our friend the nitrous bottle. This is intended to be an engine you can do yourself with a common block and would be perfect for a four-door Nova, C10 truck, or wrong-year Chevy wagon. It will look stock and make grunt for some serious street fun.

In this issue, we are going to show you how to assemble the short-block and get it ready for street action. Just for grins, and to get a baseline for future tinkering, we added some iron 2.02 heads and a throwaway manifold and gave it a quick pull on the dyno. We figure there is at least another 100 hp to be had with an intake, carb, and cylinder head swap. We'll show you those parts in future issues. For now, crack a cold one and discover how to massage a 4-inch crank into a 3.48-inch hole.

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