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Photography by A Camera

The difference between kickass and Ford Pinto is in the details. Did you scratch the paint while you were wrestling the wiper blade off the cowl? Did you nick the fender when you were swinging the engine in? Did you catch yourself on fire and frighten the neighborhood kids? All of these face-plants can be avoided if you use the right tools and techniques. This story can help you make your good car project great.

Paint mixing cups can look confusing, but they really are simple to use. Here's how to mix paint.

Battery Terminal Stretcher
Sounds like a gag, but the battery terminal stretcher is way better than using a hammer to make the terminal end fit on the battery. It might be for the guy who has nearly every tool or someone who is concerned with scratching his battery post. We are not. Get one from the Matco guy using KD Tools PN KD204.

Pass-Through Sockets
We've run into this problem with all thread and battery trays. When you get to a certain point, you need to switch from a socket to a standard wrench. Gear Wrench has a pass-through socket that you can use with a standard open end or a ratcheting open end for a little more speed.

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