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LS1 Swap - How To Swap A Gen III Into A '64-'72 A-Body Part II

This is part two of our Gen III Chevy A-Body swap. It's El Goodo.

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In the May '08 issue, we dropped a GM LS1 into a '64 El Camino and left you hanging because we didn't have the parts to finish the job. Since that time, we've received exhaust, a radiator, and all the little parts and pieces to get the car on the road. In March, we drove the Elco to Ramona, California, near San Diego on the Car Craft Anti Tour, getting nearly 20 mpg on the way with zero overheating and zero drama. In fact, the car is so reliable, it might be bordering on boring. It's a good problem to have.

The following details cover the rest of the installation and the scary computer stuff that really wasn't scary at all. We ended up using the base maps provided by the manufacturers and included some info on how to tweak them if you want to bark the tires and waste some fuel. It reminded us just how easy it is to build a Chevy.

There should be a Mexican restaurant called The El Camino, if there isn't one already we're just sayin'.

Aeromotive Q/C to -8 adapter 15118 $36.95
Aeromotive -8 male adapter 15607 12.75
Afco LS1 radiator 80252NLSZ 634.95
Auto Meter vintage tach 2897 159.95
B&M transmission cooler 70297 219.95
Flowmaster exhaust kit 17120 472.99
Fram oil filter PH3505 6.23
K&N air filter RP-4970 106.95
Lokar oil dipstick 5008 49.95
Lokar LS1 throttle cable 1000LS1 68.69
Lokar throttle pedal 6129 129.95
Lokar brake pedal pad 6135 53.39
Milodon low-profile LS pan 30915 389.95
MSD LS starter 5096 240.00
S&P headers N/A 577.95
Stant radiator cap 10329 5.38
Summit fuel filter 230118 79.95
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I have a 1965 Elcamino that I am intalling 1998 Firebird LS1 engine and 4L60E transmission into. Would you share with me the entire article on the 64 El Camino that you did a simular conversion with?finding out already the oil pan won't work and it looks like I'll have to change the steering box to fit this hot rod motor into my Elky.Thanks, Wahooo

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