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Engine Compartment Detailing Anyone Can Do

Paint it, brush it, buff it, rub on it, and put a little thought into it, and you've got engine compartment detailing anyone can do

Photography by , Steve Strope

AN Fittings
Braided line and brightly colored AN fittings are now so commonplace that engine detailers are looking for alternatives. Earl's now offers great-looking nickel-coated AN fittings to use with those trick fabric lines. But what do you do if you have a box full of older, scratched red and blue AN fittings? Strope says there are several ways to get around those colors. He generally uses a soft-bristle wire wheel to remove the color. A stiff-bristle wheel will gouge the aluminum, so tread carefully. You can also use oven cleaner, but it's messy and often requires multiple attempts to remove the color. We're thinking of raiding our show-car buddy's stash of scratched colored AN fittings before he reads this story.

Wired Up
The aftermarket bulges with custom wire looms, and some actually do a decent job without looking cluttered. But Strope likes to take the easy way and make his own. He uses those mega-cheap four-pronged wire holders that come in most spark plug wire sets, but he cuts 'em up to make his own custom two-by-two wire looms. All it takes is a sharp X-Acto blade, a couple of tiny zip ties, and some patience. Follow the simple steps and get your plug wires in line.

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