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Speed Parts - October 2014

By , Photography by Courtesy Of The Manufacturers

LS Engine Wiring

What it is: AEM's LS engine harness for its Infinity ECU.

Why you care: AEM is known for its sophisticated engine-management systems, and the Infinity ECU is the latest evolution, offering tons of control and the ability to oversee the complete operations of engines making well over 1,000 hp. This new engine harness allows plug-and-play compatibility between the Infinity computer and GM's LS engine. It works with the earlier engines with 24x crank trigger wheels and is compatible with the stock GM sensors connectors, and an included relay panel allows you to connect outputs such as fans and fuel pumps.

How much: $683.15

Learn more: AEM Electronics; 310/484-2322;

Awesome Tunnel Ram

What it is: Edelbrock's towering Victor Tunnel Ram for big-block Chevys.

Why you care: Well, we care because we've got an ongoing 454 build, and we hope you like it, too. It would be fun to drop this manifold on our Blue Collar 454 with a pair of Dominator carburetors, them switch to EFI and drop it in a car and drive across the country. Tunnel rams aren't the tuning nightmares some people think they are. Edelbrock has updated its long-running Victor Ram with 7-inch runners, making it 25 percent larger than the previous design. A version is also available with fuel injector bungs, and the tops and carb linkage are sold separately.

How much: The carbureted base sells for $569.97.

Learn more: Edelbrock; 310/781-2222;

Just-Right Tie Downs

What it is: Depending on how long your car is (or how short your trailer is!), you may end up with miles of slack hanging off the end of your ratchet strap that you need to somehow tie into a giant knot to keep it from flapping in the breeze as you cruise down the highway. These new straps from Mac's Tie Downs helps solve that problem with ratchet straps that are just 6 feet long and have a looped end that won't damage your wheels.

Why you care: Stuff flying out of your truck is bad.

How much: Pricing hasn't been announced yet.

Learn more: Mac's Custom Tie Downs; 800/666-1586;

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