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Speed Parts - September 2014

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Vintage Update

What it is: The new Bolt design from Trick Wheels.

Why you care: Here's a modern version of the classic spun aluminum wheel popular in the '70s. Trick Wheels manufactures their Bolt wheel as one-piece aluminum forgings, which means they're both light weight and strong. The “record player” finish is standard, but other finishes are available to suit your style. The wheels are 15-inch in diameter and are available in a variety of widths from 31⁄2 inches up to 14 inches for the over-the-top Pro Street builder. Several popular bolt patterns are available, too.

How much: Pricing starts at $395 apiece.

Learn more: Trick Wheels; 626/716-7780;

OE to AN Fittings

What it is: Earl's adaptor fittings for stock fuel rails.

Why you care: If you upgrade your fuel-delivery system, chances are pretty good that you're going to use AN lines somewhere along the way. Earl's OE-style quick disconnect to AN adaptors are available for -8 and -6 lines and can be purchased in either a blue- or black-anodized finish.

How much: Cost is about $30 each.

Learn more: Earl's Performance Plumbing; Holley Performance Group; 270/781-9741;

Hemi-Duty Clutch

What it is: Centerforce's DFX-series clutch for Gen II 426 Hemi and 440 engines.

Why you care: The DFX line of clutches offer extremely high holding capacity in a single-disc system. The puck, or button-style clutch disc, dissipates heat better than a solid disc, and the metallic friction material withstands more heat than organic compounds do. Centerforce advises that this is an aggressive clutch that may chatter on take-up, but technology improvements make puck-style clutches streetable for your daily driver.

How much: Prices haven't been announced yet.

Learn more: Centerforce; 928/771-8422;

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