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Speed Parts - July 2014

Wiring and Manuals

What it is: A complete wiring harness for '65–'70 Mustangs. Plus, there are also cool manuals!

Why you care: Bad wiring causes problems, many of which can drive you insane. Sometimes, the only cure is to get rid of all the old wiring and start with a new harness. Painless Performance recently added complete harnesses for classic Mustangs to their catalog. They use Ford's color coding and connectors, and come with 22 available circuits—plenty of room to wire up modern accessories. Also, their new instruction manuals have been expanded with tons of great info on wiring basics, connectors, relays, and circuit diagrams. There's no need to fear wiring anymore.

How much: They're on sale at Summit right now for $593.07.

Learn more: Painless Performance Products; 817/244-6212;

More Flow and Cleaner Air

What it is: Flowmaster's direct-fit catalytic converter system for Fox-body Mustangs.

Why you care: Ford's Fox-body platform is a great all-around performance car. They made millions of them, and millions of aftermarket parts are available for them. One of the newest is Flowmaster's mid-pipe kit with direct-fit converters. They're made from stainless steel, and the cats offer better flow than stock with a 25,00-mile emissions warranty. Currently, they're 49-state legal.

How much: $403.90 at Summit Racing.

Learn more: Flowmaster; 707/544-4761;

Shaker-Tested Shocks and New Wheels

What it is: New shock absorbers from Hotchkis Performance.

Why you care: We often compromise on our car's ride qualities to have a set of shocks that are set up for track days or autocross circuits. Hotchkis performed hundreds of hours track testing its new line of shock absorbers to develop valving that offers a comfortable ride and excellent handling during aggressive driving. Some of the testing included mounting a car on a seven-post shaker rig—that's NASCAR technology, folks. The result: Hotchkis Performance Series Aluminum Shocks. They are available in single-adjustable or the more budget-friendly Street Performance non-adjustable version. Both lines offer the latest in shock construction and valving, and deliver awesome ride and handling characteristics. They are currently available for a variety of GM and Mopar applications. Also, check out Hotchkis's new line of wheels for the new Camaro, Challenger, and Mustang. They are a direct replacement for the stock wheel, but are lighter than stock and arguably better looking, too.

How much: Depends on application.

Learn more: Hotchkis Performance; 877/466-7655;

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