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Sheetmetal Tips, Tricks, And Tools

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If you work on cars, you will eventually have to make a bracket, gauge panel, or other useful item out of sheetmetal or aluminum. If you're like us, layout procedures and all of those time-saving fabricator tips that the professionals know somehow got by us during our automotive experience—so we've decided to get educated. There's a lifetime of learning in this area, but with the proliferation of affordable tools and MIG welders, we've begun our metalworking immersion. What we've discovered is a gold mine of basic, inexpensive tools that can really make this learning experience much less frustrating. So let's get to it!

Tool List

Description PN Source Price
6-inch dial caliper 66541 Harbor Freight $18.99
6-piece measuring set 94447 Harbor Freight 8.99
12-inch combination square 92471 Harbor Freight 6.99
Transfer punch set 3577 Harbor Freight 9.99
Knock-out punch set 91201 Harbor Freight 24.99
Steel square 69099 Harbor Freight 8.99
Center punch 621 Harbor Freight 3.19
Pad locking pliers 6002 Harbor Freight 14.99
Deburring tool 12-00700 Aircraft Spruce 21.80
Transfer screw set, 3⁄8x16 6752416 14.10
10-hole rivet spacing tool 12-00184 Aircraft Spruce 24.75
Cleco fastener kit 91004001 Speedway Motors 19.99

Aircraft Spruce
Harbor Freight Tools
Speedway Motors
340 Victory Lane
ME  68528
Machine Shop Discount
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