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Speed Parts - May 2014

Engine Bay Stamped Sheetmetal

What it is: This is all new underhood sheetmetal for your original small-block-powered Chevrolet.
Why you care: GM isn't stamping out valve covers anymore and you probably traded your original parts for cheap chrome in the 1980s. Fix it with this.
How much: We found the center-bolt powdercoated valve covers at Summit for $99
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Big-Brake Kits for Gen V Camaros

What it is: Big-by-huge brakes for the Gen V Camaro.
Why you care: You need speed parts for your new Camaro, don't you? How about 14.25-inch rotors with holes or slots, big red calipers with four pistons, and compatibility with the factory ABS and parking brake? Do this.
How much: About $2,000 per axle
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No More Speedo Cables

What it is: A GPS speedometer from Auto Meter.
Why you care: The Auto Meter GPS Rally-Nav speedometer uses a high-speed antenna to provide fast, accurate mph readings without calibration of any kind. The rugged yet precise stepper motor delivers smooth pointer readings on the street or while racing. The display includes the standards like odometer, trip counter, and even sat/nav goodies like compass, heading, and even top speed.
How much: Prices start at $350
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438-inch Ford Windsor Engine

What it is: A big-inch small-block from Coast High Performance.
Why you care: Coast High Performance advertises this as a good all-around street/strip engine for your Ford. It uses a 4.125 bore Dart block as a foundation, adds AFR Renegade 220cc heads, and puts it all together with a forged rotator and Probe pistons for 650 hp. The guys at CHP claim this sucker will live at almost double those power levels with nitrous or a turbo.
How much: Call for a custom quote
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