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Speed Parts - March 2014

New Parts and Accessories For Your Ride!

Mopar Scat Packages

What it is: Three stages of performance parts for your new Chrysler toy.

Why you care: They are called Scat Package 1–3 and you can use them individually or together for maximum aftermarket performance for your ’14 Challenger, Charger, or Dart. On the Challenger, Scat Package 1 includes a cold-air intake and a cat-back exhaust. Scat Package 2 has a Mopar performance camshaft with a new calibration for the computer, and Scat Package 3 has the first two plus ported cylinder heads and headers.

How much: See your local Mopar dealer for prices and installation.

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E-body Mopar Chassis

What it is: Full frame from Schwartz Performance

Why you care: If you want to go road racing or to the autocross and you’re a Mopar guy, this is for you. It is a bolt-in frame for ’70–’74 Mopar E-body Barracudas and Challengers. It completely replaces the stock subframe and suspension with the latest components for more tire and significantly better handling.

How much: Base price is $9,199

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Bigger Small-Blocks from Ford Racing

What it is: A small-block that can be bored and stroked to 460 inches!

Why you care: The days of the 331- versus 347-inch SBF debates are over. The 9.5-inch deck 351 Boss big-bore block has an unfinished bore of 4.120-inch, making 460 inches possible. There are also big-bore 302 and 9.2-inch deck 351 blocks available.

How much: About $2,000 retail

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