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Building a 400 HP 357 SBC - Quick Draw .357

We Build an All-Star, Buck-Bangin', 400hp 357 SBC Using CC's Budget-Tested Parts

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Dyno Testing

Test 1 used the 357ci long-block, an Edelbrock Performer RPM, Holley 0-3310-3 carburetor, Hedman 1 3⁄4 inch headers with DynoMax mufflers, and a 3-inch exhaust on 91-octane pump gas.

Test 2 substituted the Holley Strip Dominator single-plane intake. All other components remained the same.

The graph reveals the major torque improvements of the dual-plane versus the single-plane intake. The curves also illustrate how even the dual-plane (TQ1) torque begins to suffer at 4,500 rpm and really tips over at 5,000 rpm. It appears that the engine experienced mild valve float at around 5,000 rpm, which is why the peak power occurred at 5,200 rpm. With stronger valve springs, this engine should push the peak horsepower to 5,800 rpm with a peak of 420 to 425 hp.

Cam Specs

Cam – PN 10120704 Dur. at 0.050 Lift (inches) Lobe Separation
Intake 233 0.504 110
Exhaust 241 0.525

*Valve lift spec is with a 1.5:1 rocker ratio.

Previous Testing

This article is based on the four small-block Chevy component tests that Car Craft has performed in the last 24 months. In case you may have missed one or more of these tests, here are the issues in which these stories ran in case you might want to do your own selection for an All-Star engine. All of these stories can be found on the Car Craft website, as well.

Story Description Issue
Under $1,000 Cylinder Head Test September, 2012
The Great $299 Carb Shootout October, 2012
The Great Intake Flog (single-planes) June, 2013
The Great Intake Flog, Part II (dual-planes) September, 2013

Parts List

Description PN Source Price
SRP pistons, rings 279480 Summit Racing $662.16
Scat 6.0-inch connecting rods 26000716 Summit Racing $344.97
Lunati cam/lifter package 10120704LK Summit Racing $204.97
Lunati timing set 95100 Summit Racing $163.97
Lunati rockers, 1.5:1 15300-16 Summit Racing $264.97
Lunati pushrods 5062-16 Summit Racing $109.97
Jegs 195cc w/ 1.250 spring 514020 Jegs $1,109.90
Jegs 195cc w/ 1.440 spring 514030 Jegs $1,199.98*
Edelbrock Perf. RPM 7101 Summit Racing $177.97
Holley Strip Dominator 300-25 Summit Racing $207.97
Holley 750 vacuum carburetor 0-3310-2 Swap meet $85
Holley 4150 conversion 34-13 Summit Racing $44.97
Holley 750 HP 0-80535-1 Summit Racing $779.97*
Speed-Pro main bearings 138M-10 Summit Racing $66.99
Speed-Pro rod bearings 8-7065CH-10 Summit Racing $72.99
Durabond cam bearings CHP8 Summit Racing $23.97
Fel-Pro MLS head gasket 1142 Summit Racing $125.94 (pr.)
Fel-Pro pan gasket 1885 Summit Racing $23.97
Fel-Pro intake gasket 1206 Summit Racing $14.97
Fel-Pro valve cover gasket 1628 Summit Racing $50.97
Milodon oil pan 30900 Summit Racing $179.97
Milodon oil pump 18755 Summit Racing $39.97
Milodon oil pump pickup 18311 Summit Racing $43.97
Milodon windage tray 32100 Summit Racing $31.97
ARP head bolts 134-3601 Summit Racing $80.24
ARP main cap bolts 234-5501 Summit Racing $85.91
ARP intake bolts 134-2001 Summit Racing $19.90
ARP crank bolt 134-2501 Summit Racing $23.59
MSD distributor 8361 Summit Racing $215.97
MSD plug wires 31223 Summit Racing $84.97
Hedman 13⁄4-inch headers 65101 Summit Racing $225.97
Lucas SAE 30 break-in, 5 quarts 10631-1 Summit Racing $21.97
Bosch spark plugs (8) 7958 Summit Racing $12

*These components not used in this test but included for information.

Automotive Racing Products
1863 Eastman Avenue
CA  93003
Scat Enterprises
26555 Northwestern Hwy.
MI  48034
Hedman Hedders
12438 Putnam Street
CA  90602
2250 Agate Ct.
Simi Valley
CA  93065
Lucas Oil
302 North Sheridan Street
CA  92880
2700 California St
CA  90503
7805 Barton Street
KS  66214
Autotronics Controls
101 JEGS Place
OH  43015
SRP (Sportsman Racing Pistons)
15312 Connector Ln
Huntington Beach
CA  92649
Holley Performance Products
1801 Russellville Rd.
Bowling Green
KY  42101
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