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The Coyote Engine Swap

Putting a New 5.0L into a 1966 Mustang

By Car Craft Staff, Photography by , Grant Peterson,

21. The hub and brake caliper mounting bracket mount to the spindle. To set the bearing preload, tighten the castle nut to 12 lb-ft while turning the rotor assembly forward by hand. Back off the nut until there is 0.001–0.005 inches of endplay, or just after the rotor begins to rock.

22. When the lower control arms are level, the suspension travel is at the midpoint. This is where you should install the coilovers. The kit comes with a 450-pound spring and single-adjustable shocks. When the engine is in the car, and the car is in the ground, the alignment angles are 4–6 degrees positive caster, 1⁄2–1 degree negative camber, and 1⁄8-inch toe-in.

23. This kit came with a Wilwood 12.88-inch-diameter vented rotors and 6-piston calipers. Way too much for this tiny car, but sometimes a little overkill is OK.

24. Before you can drop the engine in, there is one more thing. The Ford Mustang GT has electric steering instead of hydraulic that we are used to. The steering rack requires a hydraulic pump to operate. The solution is a Front Runner from Vintage Air.

25. The Front Runner for the Boss/Coyote engine has what you need to run both a hydraulic steering system and A/C. It requires cutting off a portion of the block and drilling and tapping a factory hole, but the alternative is manual steering.

26. This is the only modification (outside of tapping a hole) that the Vintage Air requires.

27. The engine-mount brackets simply bolt to the new front crossmember. Heidts sells a kit to mount either the stock or aftermarket steering column to the rack.

28. The Heidts kit also comes with new fabricated engine mounts. The rubber bushing acts as a vibration damper.

29. Performance Automatic makes a C4 with a Coyote bellhousing for mild swaps like this one. It bolts to the back of the engine and fits in the car without modification to the floorpan. The kit comes with everything you need, including a flexplate and torque converter.

30. Here is the engine in the car. There is, admittedly, a lot of work ahead to get this to run, but the basics like engine mounts, suspension, steering, and engine controls—thanks to the Ford Racing Controls Pack—are in place. We are going to need a fuel system, radiator, steering column, cold air, and an intake.

Vintage Air
18865 Goll Street
San Antonio
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Ford Racing Performance Parts
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Lincoln Electric
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Heidts Automotive
800 Oakwood Road
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Wilwood Engineering
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By Car Craft Staff
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