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New Bolt-In Stealth Fuel-Delivery System from Aeromotive

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Aeromotive has designed this system to be purchased as just the tank and pump-assembly alone or to outfit an entire fuel-delivery system, with components such as fuel filters, regulators, fuel fittings, and even one of Aeromotive's trick carburetor fuel logs. This is what we decided to install on our 1967 Camaro buildup, complete with an all-aluminum, carbureted, 400hp 5.3LS engine. The beauty of this system is that while our initial induction package will be carbureted, if we decide later to install EFI, the only change we have to make is to jack the fuel pressure with a different regulator. The rest of the system will remain intact. We could even add a Roots or centrifugal blower if we so desired, as long as the fuel pressure was boost-referenced. The Stealth 340 pump has the capacity to handle up to 700 hp for a boosted EFI application. That's pretty stout for a fuel pump that will fit in the palm of your hand.

We've outlined the parts and installation on our Camaro to show you just how easy it is to install and use. Over the years, we've installed a ton of different fuel-delivery systems in various cars. This has to be one of the simplest and easiest to install that also offers a wide array of coverage.

Description PN Source Price
Aero tank assembly 1967 18657 Summit Racing 739.95
Aero tank assembly 1969 18658 Summit Racing 739.95
Aero fuel filter 12321 Summit Racing 99.95
Aero filter bracket 12305 Summit Racing 67.95
Aero carb regulator 13207 Summit Racing 213.95
Aero pressure gauge 15632 Summit Racing 29.95
Aero carb fuel log 14201 Summit Racing 285.95
Aero -6 ORB plug 15626 Summit Racing 9.25
Aero -10 ORB /-8 15610 Summit Racing 15.95
Aero -8 ORB /-8 AN 15607 Summit Racing 13.95
Aero -8 ORB/-6 AN 15649 Summit Racing 17.95
Aero -6 AN to 5⁄16 inch 15635 Summit Racing 21.95
Aero -8 90 hose end 15655 Summit Racing 39.95
Aero -8 hose end 15653 Summit Racing 22.95
Aero wiring kit 16301 Summit Racing 77.95
Stealth 340 pump 11140 Summit Racing 175.95

6. Tim Moore installed the Stealth tank in our Camaro, modifying Aeromotive's aluminum fuel filter mount to adapt it to the stock Camaro subframe. The fittings in and out of the Aeromotive filter are -8 Aeromotive O-ring (ORB, O-ring boss) fittings.

7. ORB fittings use straight (non-tapered) threads that employ O-ring seals. Unlike some fitting companies, Aeromotive supplies its ORB fittings with the O-rings installed. Aeromotive uses a proprietary nitrile rubber that is resistant to gasoline and alcohol fuels, as well as temperature variations that can adversely affect other materials.

8. Moore built this custom aluminum mount that straddles the heater box and uses stock heater-box studs to position the Aeromotive low-pressure regulator. The inlet is an ORB-10 and an ORB -8 return with two -6 outlets along with a fuel-pressure gauge tap. All we have left to do here is complete the two -8 fuel lines to the fuel log.

9. This is Aeromotive's trick carburetor fuel log. Internal O-rings allow the log to easily vary its length to accommodate different carburetors from 4160 to 4150 to Dominator-style carburetors.

10. This Aeromotive drawing illustrates a typical carbureted installation. It's worth mentioning that, using the flow-through fuel log, the regulator can be installed on the back side of the log. This will work just as well as placing the regulator before the fuel log.

11. EFI fuel-delivery systems are only slightly different but operate at 43 to 60 psi pressures. In this configuration, the regulator balances pressure by returning unused fuel to the tank.

12. This is the Aeromotive fitting that is connected to the vent hose coming from the tank sending unit connection. The best way to install this vent is with a minimum 180-degree loop in the hose to prevent accidental siphoning from the tank through the vent hose.

13. Aeromotive's fuel fittings use a tapered-style nipple to fit into AN hose. The taper does not cut into the hose, maintaining hose integrity.

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