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Speed Parts - December 2013

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U.S. General Pro 44-inch Roller Cabinet

Harbor Freight shipped one of its U.S. General rolling toolboxes to get our unbiased opinion recently, and we are impressed. We’ve had our eyes on these things for the last couple of years as we’ve shopped in Harbor Freight’s retail locations. They look and feel nice on the showroom floor, and the price is incredible. Currently, this box, item number 6874, is selling for $399.99 on For that money, it’s a steal—with quality on par with similarly sized tool carts at local retailers like Sears, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. The full specs can be found on Harbor Freight’s website, but noteworthy details include its 11,500 ci of storage space, 13 drawers with ball-bearing sliders, and 5-inch rubber-coated castor wheels that make rolling it around the shop an easy task. This box’s load rating is 2,633 pounds, which means you can easily load this 254-pound cart with 2,000 pounds of stuff without worrying about it falling apart. We stuffed it with everything within reach, including a lot of heavy autobody hammers and dollies and saw no ill effects. In addition, this toolbox has received praise from some of the world’s harshest critics: YouTube commenters. When anonymous keyboard jockeys have pleasant things to say about anything, that should be considered a ringing endorsement.

Learn more: Harbor Freight Tools; 800/423-2567;

LS Swap Brackets

What it is: Adjustable LS engine swap brackets.

Why you care: These brackets have 6 inches of adjustability to accommodate virtually any LS engine swap.

How much: $85

Learn more: Stoker’s Hot Rod Factory;

Modular Camshafts from Lunati

What it is: Cams with more than 30 different profiles for Ford’s 4.6L and 5.4L Modular engine.

Why you care: Three- and four-valve Modular engines respond dramatically to camshaft changes. Lunati’s Voodoo camshaft line offers grinds from 217/225 degrees of duration with 0.450-inch lift to a rowdy 241/249 degrees with 0.550-inch lift off the shelf. Custom grinds are also available.

How much: About $300 per camshaft.

Learn more: Lunati Power;

Full Frames for X Bodies

What it is: A full-frame chassis for ’68–’74 Nova, Ventura, Omega, and Apollo.

Why you care: You can eliminate spongy road feel and sketchy handling with this full-frame chassis. The chassis shaves 75 pounds off the factory components, allows for shim-less caster and camber adjustments in front, a four-link rear, and has engine and transmission mounts for nearly all drivetrain combinations.

How much: Use the build tool on the website for an estimate.

Learn more: Schwartz Performance;

50 States Corvette Headers

What it is: Street legal headers for ’84–’91 Corvettes.

Why you care: The C4 Corvette is fun, and adding headers helps them breathe. Hedman’s full-length 15⁄8-inch headers are available uncoated or with an HTC polished ceramic finish and with or without EGR.

How much: About $600, depending on year and options.

Learn more: Hedman Hedders;

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