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1966 Chevy Chevelle - Tiny Dancer, Part II

Or, How to Really Run 11s with a Junkyard 4.8L Engine and a Shot of Nitrous

By , Photography by , Mike Morgan

Chassis Work

While temporary fixes like adding an airbag or a stiffer coil spring on the passenger-side rear would help to prevent the rear axle from lifting the right side due to normal torque reaction, the best solution is a dedicated antiroll bar. This is not the same thing as a rear sway bar. An antiroll bar looks like a sway bar, but rather than connecting to the lower trailing arms, the antiroll bar clamps the bar to the axlehousing and then uses adjustable links that attach directly to the car’s frame. This is exactly how the BMR antiroll bar works, which is what we mounted on the Chevelle. There are also two mounting holes on the bar to adjust the amount of leverage applied to the frame through the bar. A slight amount of preload can also be applied through the endlinks.

We were also concerned about safety when we discovered a crack near the ball joint in the passenger-side lower control arm. That was enough to convince us to trash all four original arms in favor of new Global West tubular drag race upper and lower controls arms for the front. Several years ago, we replaced the trailing arms in the rear suspension and added an upper control arm brace, but now it was time for the front suspension. We also added new, tall Global West drag-race front coil springs to improve weight transfer under acceleration. We also need more adjustable shocks for the Chevelle. Unfortunately, our story deadline prevented us from installing these suspension pieces quickly enough to get back to the track, so our test of the Orange Peel’s new suspension will have to wait, but the results appear promising.

Nitrous Tuning

These numbers are not Holley’s published tune for the NOS Cheater system. These are what we used with a true 6-psi fuel pressure and 950-psi nitrous pressure, and we found these leaner fuel numbers worked well and made more power. Of course, we also retarded timing by 8 degrees and used cold plugs.

Nitrous HP Nitrous Jet Fuel Jet
150 HP 0.063 0.057
180 HP 0.073 0.065
210 HP 0.082 0.076
250 HP 0.093 0.085

Track Times


Eighth e.t. x 1.57 = quarter-mile e.t.

Eighth mph x 1.24 = quarter-mile mph

Run 60-Foot 330-Foot Eighth E.T. Eighth MPH Quarter E.T. (est.) Quarter MPH (est.)
1) 2.020 5.587 8.478 85.44 13.29 105.95
2) 2.035 5.153 7.730 94.54 12.13 117.23
3) 1.959 5.072 7.668 93.75 12.03 116.25
4) 1.974 5.118 7.684 95.51 12.06 118.43
5) 1.954 5.281 7.917 93.38 12.41 115.79
6) 1.678 4.722 7.265 96.03 11.40 119.08
7) 1.763 4.860 7.420 96.44 11.65 119.58

Weight (with driver): 3,645 pounds, TH-2004R trans, 3.55:1 rear gear, 12-bolt

1) Best normally aspirated pass from Part I

2) First nitrous run: spun badly off the line; NOS jetting: 63 nitrous/57 fuel

3) Second nitrous run, no changes: delayed nitrous start; best e.t.

4) Third nitrous run: 19-psi tire pressure; spun, lifted; best mph

5) First nitrous run with LPE nitrous computer controller (NCC): delayed start; slow 60-foot

6) Second nitrous run with NCC: 30 percent initial hit; excellent 60-foot; best pass

7) Final nitrous run with NCC: 40 percent initial hit; slight tire spin; slower 60-foot

Parts List

Description PN Source Price
NOS Cheater system 02001NOS Summit Racing $579.97
NOS bottle heater 14164-110 Summit Racing $159.97
NOS blow-off valve 16169NOS Summit Racing $27.97
AEM A/F meter 10-4900 Summit Racing $299.70
LPE nitrous controller NCC-002 LPE $649
LPE 0-15 fuel pressure L480250015 LPE $129.95
LPE 0-2000 N2O press. L480272000 LPE $109.95
LPE pressure harness L480300000 LPE $14.50
LPE Hella relays HELLAH41773001 LPE $39.95 (ea.)
BMR antiroll bar BMR-XSB006 Summit Racing $429.95
Global West front upper arms TLC-42 Global West $485.79
Global West front lower arms TLC-42L Summit Racing $539.88
Global West front springs S-13 Summit Racing $178.50
Global West rear lower control arm TBC-4 Global West $129
Global West rear brackets VTC-42 Global West $81.63
Autolite LS race plugs AR474 Summit Racing $28

Comp Cams
3406 Democrat Road
TN  38118
Lingenfelter Performance Engineering
Summit Racing
Holley Performance Products
1801 Russellville Rd.
Bowling Green
KY  42101
39 Old Ridgebury Road
CT  06810
BMR Suspension
928 Sligh Ave
FL  33584
Global West Suspension
655 S. Lincoln Ave.
San Bernardino
CA  92408
AEM Electronics
2205 W. 136th Street
CA  90250
West Bloomfield
2700 California St
CA  90503
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