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Performance Speed Parts - November 2013

New parts and accessories for your ride!

Carb Defender
What it is: This is a fuel additive that is designed for carbureted cars.
Why you care: If you are using pump gas blended with ethanol like the rest of us, this additive will help protect the carburetor from the moisture and corrosion these fuels attract. Each bottle treats as much as 25 gallons, and Driven recommends adding one bottle at fill-up.
How much: $59.94 for a case of 6
Learn more: Driven Racing Oil;

New K-Members
What it is: New K-members for your Ford or Mopar.
Why you care: In most cases, the K-member is the anchor for your car’s suspension, so you don’t want them to be flimsy. These tubular K-members from QA1 are engineered for strength and add room for headers. They also accept factory or aftermarket engine mounts for engine swaps. They fit ’67–’74 Mopar A-, B-, and E-bodies and ’79–’04 Ford Mustangs.
How much: $59.94 for a case of 6
Learn more: QA1 Motorsports;

Pontiac Parts!
What it is: A new line of camshafts for the 265- to 455-inch Pontiac engine.
Why you care: It’s been a while since we saw any new Pontiac parts. These new cams from Lunati are offered either off the shelf or as a custom grinds with a hydraulic or solid, flat tappet, or roller lifters.
How much: Call them for a complete valvetrain.
Learn more: Lunati;

Easy Oil Coolers
What it is: Clamps, hardware, and cores for easy oil cooler installs.
Why you care: If you have ever mounted an oil cooler, you might have zip-tied it to the radiator or performed other egregious acts. The coolers and clamps from Earls will make the installation…well, cooler.
How much: Around $50 for the brackets without the cooler, add $100 for the cooler.
Learn more: Holley;

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