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1971 Dodge Demon - Turbo 392

Go racing with an everyday 5.7L Hemi

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The numbers 392 and 426 instantly heap on the street cred when fender racing at the local lawn-chair farm or sniffing nitro at the cackle fest. They're Hemis, and unless you have 15 large for a long-block or are lucky enough to have a leftover in the family, the original engines are getting out of reach. But there is another way to have Hemi on the fender and big power underfoot—take a third generation or G3 Hemi from a '03-and-later Dodge Ram or Charger/300C/Magnum, and stroke your way to glory. JMS Racing Engines in El Monte, California, shows us how with their 1971 Dodge Demon.

Dodge Demon - The Rotator
Although the original 426 Hemi from 1964 is a great engine, the reality is that smart guys like legends Keith Black and Don Garlits used the smaller 392 in the early days of drag racing for reliability and low cost. The same can be true today. The 5.7L is the most common G3 Hemi engine and, when combined with a 392 rotator from K1/Wiseco, can be an affordable and reliable way to go racing. A G3 426 requires a more expensive and less common 6.1L block and, depending on who you ask, needs to be sleeved to get the bore up and the stroke down to be reliable when facing big loads of boost or nitrous. The 392 rotator has a thick 0.280-inch top ring land on the forged piston, a 6.125-inch forged H-beam rod with a Chevy 2.00-inch journal, and a forged crankshaft with a 4.080-inch stroke to get the cubes up and handle a power-adder. Using the K1 kit and a pre-2008 85cc cylinder head, the compression ratio is 9.0:1, but with a '09-and-later head, the compression ratio is 11.0:1. If you don't have the bucks for a complete rotator, you can also find a used factory forged 6.1L crank that bolts into place and run a K1 rod and Wiseco piston combo for about half the cost.

Dodge Demon - The Heads
You might say that because the 392 has a 3.93-inch bore, there is no room for big valves and performance heads. On the Hemi, the 18-degree intake and 16.5-degree exhaust valve angles unshroud the relatively large 2.00/1.55-inch valves. The Head Flow sidebar (page 40) illustrates the potential of the pedestrian 5.7L Hemi head with both stock and ported numbers. JMS offers a complete head porting service for $1,200 or will sell you a set of ported heads for $1,600, outright. We sent JMS the stock heads from our eBay Hemi, and the company repaired the problem areas like the intake valve seats, cleaned and inspected the castings, cc-matched the combustion chambers, installed new seals, and pressure-tested, ported, and polished the runners and bowls.

The "Other" 392
You might be wondering why our Dodge Demon doesn't use a factory 392 found in the new Challenger. We spoke to Dave Weber at Modern Muscle in Martinsville, Virginia, who sells the '11-and-later G3 392 crate engine for $7,650 with a core charge. The engine makes 470 hp, has a warranty, and comes with everything, except a starter and the accessories. If you do the math on the 392 build in this article, it will cost more to build one. What you get for the extra cash is ported heads, a custom cam, and a complete forged rotator with enough meat to handle 900 rwhp or about 1,100 at the crank, before the block comes apart. If you are serious about using more than 10 pounds of boost on a regular basis or more than a 200-shot of nitrous, you are going to have to take apart the engine. That's where the 5.7L build becomes the better deal. If you want to swap a 392 into any '03-and-later vehicle, we agree with Weber, go for the new 392, but if you want to go fast and afford a room full of spares, go for the engine in this article.

Dodge Demon - The Turbos
Of course, we want to make 900 hp at the wheels and see if the block explodes, so we had Joe Delgado from Comp Turbo pick us a set of 65mm CT4 turbos with billet compressor wheels and P-trim turbines in 0.81 A/R housings. Even though the compressor wheels are designed to deliver a maximum of 96 pounds of air per minute and support 950 hp each, we were looking for instant boost delivery in a usable rpm range, hence the relatively small A/R ratio on a T4 flange. The triple ceramic bearing system in the CT4 uses a ceramic ball that is perfectly smooth, lowering friction losses and temperature for more speed. We used these turbos to make 978 rwhp a couple of years ago ("The Wrenchrat Twin Turbo Kit," Apr. '09) on Ted Toki's '55 Chevy with a '70s-era 355-inch small-block Chevy. The turbo's roller bearing design, combined with a high-speed billet compressor wheel, allowed the engine to make usable boost (6–8 pounds) as low as 3,100 rpm and make more than 500 lb-ft of torque. In addition, we saw torque gains of 527 lb-ft from 3,100 rpm to the torque peak of 978 lb-ft at 4,314 rpm. The car was a bullet.

We hope to better those numbers using modern Hemi parts in the 1971 Dodge Demon. Our quick air math says with a 3,000-pound race weight and 978 rwhp has the potential to put us in the mid-8s at 160 mph. That would be fun, don't you think?

You do realize that you're committed in print to running 8s in this car? Tall order, my friend… Reality's a b#&@h...

5.7L Flow Chart Stock
Lift Intake CFM** Exhaust CFM** I/E Percentage
0.100 76 49 64
0.200 141 112 79
0.300 210 146 69
0.400 244 160 65
0.500 258 161 62
0.600 259 161 62

5.7L Flow Chart Ported
Lift Intake CFM** Exhaust CFM** I/E Percentage
0.100 68 49 72
0.200 142 108 76
0.300 220 142 64
0.400 268 158 58
0.500 285 168 58
0.600 291 176 60
*Rounded to the nearest decimal
**Tested on Plexiglas plate with 4.220 bore, clay on intake port, no exhaust tube, same 2.00/1.55 valves used for both tests.

Critical Specs
Compression ratio 9.0:1
Crank thrust 0.009-inch
Deck 0.005 in the hole
Head studs 105/25 lb-ft
Main bearings 0.0026-inch
Main Studs 100 lb-ft
Piston to wall 0.0035
Rod bearings 0.0025-inch
Top ring gap 0.021-inch
2nd ring gap 0.024-inch

Parts List
Description Source PN Price
32-tooth reluctor wheel Wiseco/K1 TR-32 $47.00
727/5.7L starter Rock Auto NP 280-0331 $150.79
80-pound fuel injectors Ford Racing M 9593LU80 $409.95
Transmission adapter plate kit Street & Performance N/A $243.95
Balancer bolt ARP 147-2501 $34.72
Belt tensioner Gates 38323 $38.47
Camshaft Crane Cams 1989521 $468
Cam bearings JMS PD31B $78.44
Chevrolet rod bearings Wiseco/K1 CB-745HN $74.00
Core engine eBay N/A $2,500
Denso alternator eBay 13796N $160.00
EGR block off Mopar 53032739AA $34.90
EGR plug Kit Mopar 4891312AA $33.50
Engine gasket set Fel-Pro CS262841 $149.99
flexplate B&M 10340 $149.50
Fuel Rails Aeromotive 14146 $239.99
Head Gaskets Fel-Pro HS6284PT1 $109.95
Head stud kit ARP 244-4300 $37.00
LSX 92mm adapter Comp Cams 112001 $63.95
Main bearings Wiseco/K1 MS-2220H $155.31
Main stud kit ARP 244-5400 $163.04
MDS plugs Mopar 53032221AA $34.00
Non MDS lifters Elgin/JMS HL7013K $286.50 (4)
Oil pan Milodon 31002 $412.95
Oil pan gasket Milodon 40750 $25.95
Oil pan bolts Milodon 85025 $10.25
Oil pump Melling/eBay M342 $85.00
Oil pan pickup Milodon 18334 $89.95
Power steering delete kit Street & Performance N/A $155.95
Radiator cap Be Cool 70001 $45.99
Recovery tank Be Cool 70058 $159.99
Rotating assembly Wiseco/K1 R-KD20246 $2,211.57
Street strip tray Milodon 32010 $79.95
Thrust washers JMS N/A $19
Valve springs Crane Cams 99831-16 $224
Water pump JMS CP7170 $92.49

7805 Barton Street
KS  66214
Miller Electric
1635 W. Spencer Street
WI  54912
Modern Muscle Performance
DIY AutoTune/MegaSquirt
Hot Rod Performance
Chris Alston's Chassisworks
8661 Younger Creek Drive
CA  95828
Performance Automatic
8174 Beechcraft Ave.
MD  20879
Turbosmart USA
1185 Park Center Dr., Ste. B
CA  92081
Coker Tire
13187 Chestnut Street
TN  37402
Painless Performance Products
2501 Ludelle Street
Ft. Worth
TX  76105
IC Engine Works
Speedway Motors
340 Victory Lane
ME  68528
Autotronics Controls
BBK Performance
27440 Bostik Court
CA  92590
Comp Turbo
221 West Allen Avenue
San Dimas
CA  91773
JMS Racing Engines
El Monte
Holley Performance Products
1801 Russellville Rd.
Bowling Green
KY  42101
Circle City Hot Rods
2199 North Batavia Street
CA  92868
Summit Racing
Andrews Powder Coating
Transmission Specialties
375 Turner Industrial Way
PA  19014
Wilwood Engineering
4700 Calle Bolero
CA  93012
Lincoln Electric
22801 St. Clair Ave
OH  44117
Stainless Works
9899 E. Washington St.
Chargrin Falls
OH  44023
Comp Cams
3406 Democrat Road
TN  38118
Street & Performance
P.O. Box 1169
AR  71953
eBay Motors
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Nick Voulis
Nick Voulis

some people just can't see others have something beautiful they gotta find negativity don't bother yourself your work is 100 percent fantastic.....

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David Holvey

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Jeffry Kopis

Another LS....yawn....I know theyre fast. So are Lear Jets, Hayabusas, Cigarrette boats, hydroplanes, cruise missiles, bullets, Ferraris. Doesn't mean I have to like them. I'd rather have something slow and cool, like a 49 Merc with a flattie. Fast is good, but coolness trumps speed in my book.

Nick Voulis
Nick Voulis

Yes... my bad....duh no filter's.... but I must say, outstanding work..... very very impressive.....I would love to send my car to you guy's......

Glenn McCall
Glenn McCall

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Nick Voulis

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Duster was plymouths fastback and demon was basically a fastback dodge dart. Same front end as a dart, etc

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Custom Performance Racing
Custom Performance Racing

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