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Speed Parts - September 2013

New parts and accessories for your ride!

Exotic Coyote Induction

What it is: Ford Coyote Stack Systems from Jim Inglese

Why you care: Jim Inglese made his name with fun-looking Weber carburetors, and he's at it again with an eight-stack system for the Ford Coyote engine. Every unit is custom built and calibrated to suit your engine and can be finished any way you want.

How much: The complete Weber system is $4,600. EFI units do not include the ECU.

Learn more: Jim Inglese Weber Carburetion;

New Ignition on the Market

What is it: A capacitive discharge ignition for 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder engines.

Why you care: This ignition system has burnout, launch, and maximum-rpm limits in 100-rpm increments. The power supply draws less than 5 amps at 8,000 rpm and the box is only 7x5.25 inches, so you can mount it anywhere.

How much: $575.95 includes module, coil, and wiring harness.

Learn more: Daytona Sensors;

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