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Dual Plane Intake Manifold Comparisons - The Great Intake Flog, Part II

Dueling Dual Planes

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Average Torque and Average Torque per Dollar

Here's where we lay it on the line. For street engines, it's not peak horsepower that makes your engine feel powerful. Street-smart engine builders emphasize torque, and while peak torque is a good indicator, we think the best judge of a dual-plane intake is average torque. This generates a single number created by averaging all the torque numbers within the test range of 2,500 and 6,200 rpm. We weren't surprised when the AFR Titon composite manifold handily won this contest. What was surprising was the tried-and-true Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap was within 2.4 lb-ft of the AFR at less than half the cost. It's also important to note that this evaluation really splits hairs because nearly all these manifolds produce excellent power. Let's take the Weiand 8125 Street Warrior. It made 500 lb-ft of peak torque yet is listed 15th in average torque. But when we plugged its torque curve into our Quarter, Pro dragstrip simulation, this intake is only off 0.15-second and 1 mph compared with the fourth-rated Edelbrock 7101. So you can see that most of these manifolds really do a decent job. Drop out the top and bottom two manifolds, and the total spread between 3rd and 20th is 2 percent—or 9.2 lb-ft of average torque.

For the typical car crafter, average torque per dollar is probably most important of all the ratings in this shootout. Unless your name is Bill Gates, cost and power are equally important. To come up with this evaluation, we divided the manifold's average torque by its price; the larger the number, the more power it delivers for each dollar spent. From the moment we began pricing manifolds, the Jegs Champion appeared to be a front-runner. At $99.99, all this intake had to do was make decent torque and horsepower to win this category. But, as you've seen, this intake ranked Third in peak horsepower and was capable of 500 lb-ft of torque. Trim $30 off its next closest price rivals, and the conclusion is simple: If we were to mash up all the evaluations into one overall winner, you could make a great case for the Jegs Champion intake. Note that the AFR number is a fraction, which means its price was a larger number than its average torque.

Average Torque and Average Torque per Dollar

Ranking Avg. TQ Ranking Avg. TQ/$
1st AFR Titon 473.6 1st Jegs Champion 4.64
2nd Edelbrock 7501 471.2 2nd Summit 226014 3.49
3rd Edelbrock 7101 468.3 3rd Summit 226012 3.49
4th Weiand 8501 466.3 4th Weiand 8120 3.43
5th Edelbrock 2701 466.2 5th Edelbrock 2701 3.31
6th Summit 226010 465.6 6th Weiand 8150 3.18
7th Edelbrock 7104 465.3 7th Pro. Prod. 52001 3.12
7th Pro. Prod. 52021 465.3 8th Weiand 8125 3.05
9th TFS StreetBurner 465.2 9th Edelbrock 2101 2.90
10th Summit 226014 464.9 10th Pro. Prod. 52021 2.85
10th Weiand 8150 464.9 11th Edelbrock 7101 2.67
12th Edelbrock 2601 464.7 12th Pro Prod. 52013 2.59
13th Jegs Champion 464.5 13th Summit 226010 2.54
14th Dart SHP 463.7 14th Edelbrock 7104 2.32
15th Weiand 8125 463.5 15th Pro. Prod. 52026 2.29
16th Weiand 8120 462.8 16th Weiand 8501 2.14
17th Summit 226012 461.0 17th TFS StreetBurner 2.06
17th Pro. Prod. 52013 461.0 18th Edelbrock 2601 2.05
19th Pro. Prod. 52026 459.5 19th Edelbrock 7501 2.00
20th Edelbrock 2101 459.1 20th Dart SHP 2.00
21st Chevy Iron 459.0 21st Chevy ZZ4 1.89
22nd Chevy ZZ4 454.4 22nd Chevy Iron 1.76
23rd Pro. Prod. 52001 449.3 23rd AFR Titon 0.82

In-Car Power

What will all this power do in a car? We simulated the 7101 Edelbrock Performer RPM's power curve in a 3,450-pound Chevelle with 3.55:1 gears, a 2004R automatic, 3,000-rpm stall-speed converter, 26-inch-tall Mickey Thompson ET Street tires, and shifting at 6,400 rpm. The Quarter, Pro simulation reported that the Chevelle could run 11.50s at 117 mph with a 1.55-second 60-foot time. That's impressive for a 470hp dual-plane–equipped small-block. Keep in mind that strong average torque is what makes this combination so quick. If you recall, our single-plane intake test—with the same 406ci engine with a bigger cam—the motor made as much as 559 hp, but in the same simulated car with the same equipment, the greater horsepower only pushed the Chevelle to 11.30s at 120 mph. With more gear (like a 4.10:1, for example), the car would probably run 11-teens in the higher-horsepower configuration.

Cam Specs

Crane Roller: PN 118571 Duration at 0.050 (Degrees) Valve Lift W/ 1.5:1 (w/ 1.6:1 rockers) Lobe-Separation Angle (degrees)
Intake 232 0.525 (0.560)* 112
Exhaust 240 0.543 (0.579)*

*This is gross lift. We set the lash at 0.020 inch, which must be subtracted from the gross-lift number to produce a net lift equaling 0.540/0.559.

Test Parts List

Description PN Source Price
TFS 215cc heads 32400007 Summit Racing $1,449.95
Crane roller cam 118571 Summit Racing 426.00
Crane roller lifters 11552-16 Summit Racing 428.80
Crane roller rockers 11755-16 Summit Racing 395.20
Crane pushrods 95642-16 Summit Racing 156.80
Crane thrust button 99164-1 Summit Racing 14.00
Fel-Pro head gasket 1143 Summit Racing 88.95 (2)
Fel-Pro int. gasket 1206 Summit Racing 16.95
MSD crank trigger 8615 Summit Racing 255.95
MSD distributor 85551 Summit Racing 235.95
MSD plug wires 31229 Summit Racing 84.95
Autolite spark plugs AR3933 (8) Summit Racing 28.00
ARP head bolts 134-3701 Summit Racing 84.28
ARP intake bolts 434-2001 Summit Racing 33.70
Permatex Ultra Gr. 82194 Local Auto Parts 7.49
Carb adapter plate 2732 Summit Racing 6.95
3⁄8-inch pipe plugs (4) G1482 Summit Racing 5.95
1⁄2-inch pipe plugs (4) G1483 Summit Racing 5.95

And the Winner Is…

We will leave the final selection entirely up to you. If your budget screams for help, the Jegs Champion intake is the wallet-friendly choice. If power is your only goal, the AFR Titon is clearly the best, hands down. If power and price demand equal attention, either the Edelbrock Performer EPS (2701) Air Gap or the 8150 Weiand Speed Warrior or the Summit Stage 2 will certainly deliver. Frankly, any of the manifolds ranked in the top 15 of all our evaluations are solid choices that won't leave you with buyer's remorse. We hope we've removed some of the guesswork from your next manifold purchase.

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