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Speed Parts - August 2013

G-floor: Bulletproof Flooring
Last year, we installed some G-Floor Raceday Peel and Stick flooring tiles in a staffer's garage to see if it was better than the paint and epoxy floor coating that had failed under the repeated abuse delivered by the small steel wheels on our engine dollies and hoist. We were skeptical, as we should have been, about the ability of the vinyl peel and stick flooring to stay flat on the floor and not buckle or rip when we pushed a 600-pound blower engine across its surface.

After six months, it has proved impossible to buckle or move the G-Floor peel and stick flooring tile, and we have tried. We've loaded and unloaded several engines using the hoist and pushed numerous engines around on their cheap steel dollies. We've dropped tools, spilled oil and gasoline, and let the dog in the garage when it rained. The peel and stick flooring surface has remained easy to clean (mud being the hardest to remove for some reason), and none of the chemicals or animals left a stain. Since we installed the G-Floor, BLT has introduced a coating that claims to seal the floor, providing additional stain protection.

It took most of a weekend to empty the garage and lay down the G-Floor tiles, which were ready to be used immediately. The street cars with high-mileage tires were no problem, but when we parked a '23 Model T with new recapped pie-crust slicks in the garage for a week, it left two small contact patch stains that seem to be permanent. The coating would have prevented that. Overall, we think this is the toughest floor covering we have ever tried. It comes in colors, too.

How much: $81.80 for a 12x12 garage; up to $165.60 for 24x24
Learn more: G-Floor peel and stick flooring by Better Life Technology; 913-894-0403;

The RoboReel - Retractable Extension Cord
What it is: The RoboReel is an extension cord reel that is self-retracting
Why you care: Instead of a massive wad of extension cords hanging from a hook, you can have 50 feet of 12-gauge retractable extension cord contained in a futuristic 360-degree swiveling ball. The RoboReel retractable extension cord uses an electric motor so the plug won't whip into your crystal unicorn collection while it's retracting and has safety features like automatic shutoff if the cord gets jammed or severed. It's also a cool orange globe.
How much:The RoboReel Retractable Extension Cord is $299 for the hanging model
Learn more: RoboReel Retractable Extension Cord by Great Stuff Inc.; 888-478-7883;

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