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Speed Parts - July 2013

New parts and accessories for your ride!

New Metal Forming Tools - JET English Wheel

What it is: This is an English wheel, but JET also offers shears, brakes, and 25 other metal forming tools for the shop.
Why you care: If you have enough space, you can buy all the metal forming tools needed to fabricate virtually anything. Why let the guys on TV have all the fun?
How much: The English wheel is $2,299
Learn more: JET English Wheel (Walter Meier Manufacturing); 800/274-6848 and other metal forming tools;

Holding Power for Your 429: Multi Disc Clutch

What it is: A multi disc clutch for your 385-series Ford.
Why you care: The DYAD Multi Disc clutch can hold 1,300 lb-ft of torque, so it should be no problem behind your high-horsepower 429. Centerforce also claims light pedal feel and smooth, quite operation. It comes ready to install with all the parts including ARP bolts and a steel flywheel.
How much: The DYAD Multi Disc clutch is $1,499.99 from Jegs
Learn more: Centerforce; 928/771-8422 ;

Pro Touring Seating: Corbeau Sports Seat

What it is: This is an FIA-approved seat that will keep you from sliding out the door.
Why you care: The Corbeau Forza Sport seat has a tubular steel frame with full-body support and can take up to a six-point racing harness. Corbeau Forza also offers custom brackets to make installation easy.
How much: $319
Learn more: Corbeau Seats; 801/255-3737;

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