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Speed Parts - June 2013

New parts for your ride!

New Steering Box for Chevy Novas
What it is: A steering box for ’62–’67 Novas
Why you care: This is a bolt-in box that utilizes a stock or aftermarket steering column while maintaining stock geometry. The ratio is 13.6:1 and works for both highway cruising and road-course action.
How much: $379
Learn more: Classic Performance Products; 714/522-2000

Really Heavy-Duty LS Clutch
What it is: A track-tested clutch for your LS Chevy
Why you care: Now that LS engines can make 750-plus horsepower with bolt-on parts, you will need a clutch that can handle the power. This billet 10.4-inch twin-disk clutch has been durability tested in Grand-Am racing and delivers enough clamping force to hold 1,400 hp and 1,000 lb-ft of torque without losing stock pedal feel.
How much: About $2,500. That is not a typo.
Learn more: Quarter Master USA; 888/258-8241;

Small-Block Ford Pulley Kits
What it is: A complete FEAD for small-block Ford engines
Why you care: The Eddie Motorsports S-drive is a complete serpentine pulley system that includes an Edelbrock water pump, Power Master alternator, Gates tensioner, and a six-rib belt. Applicable kits also have a Maval P/S pump and Sanden A/C compressor. The system is also available for the 351 Windsor.
How much: $2,075
Learn more: Eddie Motorsports; 909/945-9293;

New Dodge Dart Fenders
What it is: New front Dodge Dart fenders for ’70–’71 A-body Dart and Demon and stainless-steel windshield mouldings.
Why you care: It is encouraging to see companies making parts for A-bodies. Now you can get your 340 Duster perfect with new left and right front fenders. Look for ’68–’69 fenders from AMD soon.
How much: $479.95/each fender; call for windshield mouldings
Learn more: Auto Metal Direct; 866/591-8309;

Non-Fowl Rotisserie
What it is: A hydraulic or manual rotisserie for a body-off restoration.
Why you care: This 360-degree rotisserie allows you to mount virtually any body for access to every panel on the car.
How much: $899–$1,299, depending on style and accessoriesstrong>
Learn more: Auto Body Toolmart; 855/7074-1307;

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