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We Put 19 Single-Plane Small Block Chevy Intakes to the Test

The Great Intake Flog

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Cam Specs

Crane Mechanical Roller || PN 118741
Duration at .050 Valve Lift Lobe-Separation angle
(Degrees) (Inches) (Degrees)
Intake 248 0.630* 106
Exhaust 256 0.630*

*This is gross lift. We set the lash at 0.17 inch, which we subtracted from the gross lift number to produce a net lift of 0.613 inch.

The Manifolds

Edelbrock Torker II
The Torker II lives up to its name with good torque below 4,600 rpm. After that, its subdued carb height hurts horsepower. As one of the shortest manifolds in the test, it offers good potential in low hood applications.

PN 5001
Price $149.95
Peak HP 492 at 6,000
Peak TQ 501 at 4,400
Average TQ 466.5
Carb Pad Height 4.55
Plenum Depth 3.38 inches

Weiand X-CELerator
As this was the shortest intake in the test, we were surprised it achieved 505 peak horsepower. It also managed to make an average of 472 lb-ft of torque, which is respectable.

PN 7547-1
Price $165.95
Peak HP 505 at 6,200
Peak TQ 502 at 4,500
Average TQ 472.0
Carb Pad Height 4.00
Plenum Depth 2.95 inches

Edelbrock Super Victor 23
The results for this manifold were puzzling, since it lost more than 10 lb-ft of torque in the midrange compared with many of the other manifolds. While the Super Victor 23 generated good peak horsepower for its height, its low average torque is a detriment.

PN 2925
Price $249.95
Peak HP 523 at 6,100
Peak TQ 506 at 4,500
Average TQ 477.4
Carb Pad Height 5.50
Plenum Depth 4.05 inches

Weiand Team G
We divided the average torque by the carb-pad height and discovered this manifold really rocks for its height. It makes more than 500 hp yet is one of the lowest manifolds. It would probably respond well to a carb spacer if there were room under your hood.

PN 7530
Price $209.95
Peak HP 524 at 6,200
Peak TQ 507 at 4,600
Average TQ 478.4
Carb Pad Height 4.50
Plenum Depth 3.78 inches

Edelbrock Victor Jr.
Edelbrock has probably sold more Victor Jr.'s over the years than the rest of the field combined. Despite its relatively low carb height, it offers great average torque and peak horsepower. For a car with a restricted hood line, this manifold would be a wise choice.

PN 2975
Price $234.95
Peak HP 523 at 6,200
Peak TQ 507 at 4,700
Average TQ 479.2
Carb Pad Height 5.04
Plenum Depth 3.91 inches

Professional Products Super Hurricane
Just for the record, if you look at the results for the ProComp Shootout Pro, you'll notice they are very similar to this Professional Products Super Hurricane. That's because they are same manifold, with just slightly different part numbers.

PN 52037
Price $258.95
Peak HP 530 at 6,200
Peak TQ 504 at 4,700
Average TQ 480.2
Carb Pad Height 5.85
Plenum Depth 4.49 inches

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