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We Put 19 Single-Plane Small Block Chevy Intakes to the Test

The Great Intake Flog

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Professional Products Hurricane
It was difficult for us to tell a difference between the Hurricane, the Hurricane Plus, and the Super Hurricane manifolds. The Hurricane tested the best of the three and is the least expensive!

PN 52031
Price $210.95
Peak HP 536 at 6,400
Peak TQ 511 at 4,600
Average TQ 484.9
Carb Pad Height 5.87
Plenum Depth 4.49 inches

Wilson Ported Super Victor 23
We expected the Wilson to perform very well, but it appears that its limited height kept it from the top-horsepower brass ring. Compared with the Super Victor II, the Wilson ported Super Victor is 1.3 inches shorter in carb pad height. If cost is no object with a cast manifold, this is the place to be.

PN 128-250
Price $901.28
Peak HP 540 at 6,300
Peak TQ 513 at 4,700
Average TQ 488.9
Carb Pad Height 5.50
Plenum Depth 4.05 inches

Racing Head Service
The RHS intake is unique in that it is machined for three different small-block intake patterns: the standard 23-degree small-block, the '87-and-later pattern that uses the near-vertical center bolts, and the '98-and-later Vortec 8-bolt version. This manifold is able to accommodate all three of those cylinder-head choices. Plus, the multi-point EFI version aims the injectors toward the back of the intake valve.

PN 12902
Price $299.95
Peak HP 534 at 6,300
Peak TQ 511 at 4,700
Average TQ 486.0
Carb Pad Height 5.50
Plenum Depth 3.92

Holley Keith Dorton
This manifold was among the sleepers in this test. It produced excellent average power and good horsepower.

PN 300-110
Price $279.95
Peak HP 538 at 6,200
Peak TQ 516 at 4,700
Average TQ 487.6
Carb Pad Height 6.10
Plenum Depth 4.80

Holley Strip Dominator
The word on the street has it that the Holley Strip Dominator was a good piece, and our testing substantiates that claim. It's also among the most reasonably priced tall manifolds.

PN 300-25
Price $207.95
Peak HP 543 at 6,200
Peak TQ 514 at 4,700
Average TQ 488.2
Carb Pad Height 5.71
Plenum Depth 3.97 inches

Edelbrock Super Victor II
If carb height is not a problem, there is little to dislike about the Super Victor II. Combine excellent horsepower and torque from an as-cast manifold, and you have the makings of an out-of-the-box winner. We'd like to see what Wilson could do with this manifold.

PN 2892
Price $379.95
Peak HP 549 at 6,300
Peak TQ 516 at 4,800
Average TQ 490.9
Carb Pad Height 6.80
Plenum Depth 4.57

AFR Titon
The Titon is the only composite-material manifold, but it can be easily converted between two different plenums. We tested the taller of the two optional plenums, and it's still more than an inch shorter than the Edelbrock Super Victor II.

PN 4801
Price $581.03
Peak HP 541 at 6,300
Peak TQ 519 at 4,600
Average TQ 492.2
Carb Pad Height 5.64
Plenum Depth 4.01 inches

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