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We Put 19 Single-Plane Small Block Chevy Intakes to the Test

The Great Intake Flog

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Summit Single-Plane
Be sure to note this manifold's place in the Average Torque Per Dollar category (page 24). This would be our dark-horse winner for "Tall Manifold That Rocks for Less Bucks." If this manifold won't fit under your hood, you've probably saved enough cash to buy a fiberglass cowl hood!

PN 226050
Price $189.95
Peak HP 531 at 6,400
Peak TQ 507 at 4,600
Average TQ 480.5
Carb Pad Height 6.30
Plenum Depth 4.46 inches

The Brodix catalog lists a bewildering number of different small-block Chevy single-plane intakes, but most are specific applications or race manifolds. The HV1000 is the most popular. Average torque is solid mid-pack.

PN HV1000
Price $354.95
Peak HP 530 at 6,200
Peak TQ 505 at 4,600
Average TQ 481.3
Carb Pad Height 5.76
Plenum Depth 4.165

Bill Mitchell Products Motown
The Motown intake has been around for a long time yet still delivers on the average torque and decent peak horsepower.

PN 061040
Price $300.95
Peak HP 534 at 6,300
Peak TQ 508 at 4,600
Average TQ 481.5
Carb Pad Height 5.63
Plenum Depth 4.15 inches

Professional Products Hurricane Plus
The manifold we tested was externally polished but the part number and price indicated are for the satin version.

PN 52034
Price $227.95
Peak HP 535 at 6,400
Peak TQ 506 at 4,600
Average TQ 482.9
Carb Pad Height 5.90
Plenum Depth 4.42

ProComp Shootout Pro
See the notes for the Professional Products Super Hurricane. The difference in average torque between all the Professional Products and ProComp Electronics manifolds is 1 percent, which is so minor as to be chalked up to casting variations and dyno-test variables.

PN 22037
Price $241.95
Peak HP 532 at 6,300
Peak TQ 508 at 4,600
Average TQ 481.8
Carb Pad Height 5.85
Plenum Depth 4.49 inches

Dart Single-Plane
The Dart manifold produced a strong torque curve. Its rather short plenum depth indicates that it might offer crisper part-throttle performance with its smaller plenum area. Note the strong 539 peak horsepower number.

PN 42311000
Price $423.77
Peak HP 539 at 6,300
Peak TQ 506 at 4,600
Average TQ 483.2
Carb Pad Height 5.60
Plenum Depth 3.91 inches

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