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We Put 19 Single-Plane Small Block Chevy Intakes to the Test

The Great Intake Flog

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Average Torque
If you could only use one factor to rate these manifolds, this would be it. What we found interesting was how the very-short Torker II manifold lived up to its name, making 19 more lb-ft than the Victor Jr. at 3,800 rpm. Also, note that in the middle of this ranking (Team G through the Hurricane), there are 10 manifolds with barely 7 lb-ft of torque between them, so it would be difficult to feel the difference in power between these intakes. The top five manifolds are covered only by a spread of 1 percent average torque.

Ranking Average TQ
1st AFR Titon 492.2
2nd Edelbrock Super Victor II 490.9
3rd Wilson ported Super Victor 488.9
4th Holley Strip Dominator 488.2
5th Holley Dorton 487.6
6th RHS 486.0
7th Pro Products Hurricane 484.9
8th Dart 483.2
9th Pro Products Hurricane Plus 482.9
10th ProComp Shootout Pro 481.8
11th World Products Motown 481.5
12th Brodix HV1000 481.3
13th Summit 480.5
14th Pro Products Super Hurricane 480.2
15th Edelbrock Victor Jr. 479.2
16th Holley Team G 478.4
17th Edelbrock Super Victor 23 477.4
18th Edelbrock Torker II 466.5
19th Weiand X-CELerator 472

Average Torque Per Dollar
Next, we combined the two most important test criteria to rate how the average power was affected by price. Think carefully here, because the least expensive manifold is not necessarily the best buy; for example, the top two manifolds here are the worst in terms of overall power. Assuming power trumps price, then the Summit manifold really shines, as it placed mid-pack in average torque and is attractively priced at only $189.95, making 2.53 lb-ft of torque for every dollar spent. The next best manifold is the Holley Strip Dominator, which made more torque but costs an additional $30. At the bottom of the category are the Wilson and AFR manifolds with fractional numbers because their cost is higher than their average torque.

Ranking Average TQ/$
1st Edelbrock Torker II 3.11
2nd Weiand X-CELerator 2.84
3rd Summit 2.53
4th Holley Strip Dominator 2.34
5th Pro Products Hurricane 2.29
6th Weiand Team G 2.27
7th Pro Products Hurricane Plus 2.11
8th Edelbrock Victor Jr. 2.04
9th Pro Comp Shootout Pro 1.99
10th Edelbrock Super Victor 23 1.91
11th Pro Products Super Hurricane 1.85
12th Holley Dorton 1.74
13th RHS 1.62
14th World Products Motown 1.60
15th Brodix HV1000 1.35
16th Edelbrock Super Victor II 1.29
17th Dart 1.14
18th AFR Titon 0.84
19th Wilson 0.54

Carb Pad Height
This is a simple evaluation: The manifold will either fit under your hood or it won't. The carb pad height measurement is the distance from the carb-mounting pad to the bottom of the rear china wall where the manifold seals to the block. If you already have an engine in the car, you can measure your manifold and compare that height with any of the manifolds tested here. One technique to check fitment is to place a lump of soft clay on top of the air cleaner at the closest point to the hood. Then close the hood carefully and measure the height of the compressed clay to determine the clearance. An interesting result here is how well the Weiand Team G and Victor Jr. manifolds performed, considering their attenuated height.

Manifold Carb Pad Height
Weiand X-CELerator 4.00
Weiand Team G 4.50
Edelbrock Torker II 4.55
Edelbrock Victor Jr. 5.04
Wilson Ported Super Victor 5.50
Edelbrock Super Victor 5.50
RHS 5.50
Dart 5.60
World Products Motown 5.63
AFR Titon 5.64
Holley Strip Dominator 5.71
Brodix HV1000 5.76
Pro Comp Shootout Pro 5.85
Pro. Products Super Hurricane 5.85
Pro Products Hurricane 52031 5.87
Pro Products Hurricane Plus 5.90
Holley Dorton 6.10
Summit 6.30
Edelbrock Super Victor II 6.85

Parts List
Description PN Source Price
TFS 215cc heads 32400007 Summit Racing $1,449.95
Crane roller cam 118741 Summit Racing 400.00
Crane roller lifters 11519-16 Summit Racing 428.80
Crane timing set 11976-1 Summit Racing 141.20
Crane pushrods 95635-16 Summit Racing 156.80
Crane thrust button 99164-1 Summit Racing 14.00
Crane roller rockers 11755-16 Summit Racing 395.20
Fel-Pro head gasket 1143 Summit Racing 88.95 (2)
Fel-Pro intake gasket 1206 Summit Racing 16.95
MSD crank trigger 8615 Summit Racing 255.95
MSD distributor 85551 Summit Racing 235.95
MSD plug wires 31229 Summit Racing 84.95
Autolite spark plugs AR3933 (8) Summit Racing 28.00
ARP head bolts 134-3701 Summit Racing 84.28
ARP intake bolts 434-2001 Summit Racing 33.70
Permatex Ultra Gr. 82194 Local Auto Parts 7.49

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