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Speed Parts - May 2013

Front-Runner Racing Tires
What It Is: 17-inch front drag racing tires for modern cars.
Why You Care: If you are racing a newer Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger with 17-inch wheels, now you can buy 4.5/27.0-17 lightweight bias-ply racing tires that are also DOT-approved.
How Much: $302 for a pair of racing tires
Learn More: Coker Racing Tires; 866/513-2743;

Engine Protector
What It Is: Spray-on engine protector
Why You Care: After you clean your engine with original Gunk engine degreaser, you can detail and protect it with this orange-scented spray.
How Much: About $5 per can
Learn More: Gunk;

Torsion-Bar Adjustors
What It Is: QA1 Torsion-bar adjustors for stock Mopar suspension
Why You Care: These are replacement torsion-bar adjustors for A-, B-, and E-body Mopars. They are zinc-plated alloy steel and feature a 3⁄4-inch hex head for easy adjustment.
How Much: Call
Learn More: QA1; 800/721-7761;

Universal Welding Pliers
What It Is: ChannelLock’s 9-inch 360 Professional Multi-Purpose Welding Pliers
Why You Care: This tool can be used as a hammer, side cutters, welding-tip removal tool, pliers, spatter-removal tool, and for whatever else might come up while you are welding. It combines six welding tools into one, saving space in your toolbox.
How Much: About $25
Learn More: ChannelLock;

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