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1987 Ford Fox Mustang - Ron Burgundy

Part 5: Suspension and Traction

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What's Next?
Grizzled racing veterans have told us many times that you aren't really working the suspension until you have 600 hp. We read that as, “you aren't doing wheelies until you have 600 hp.” And wheelies are what we want. Since the stock 302 is telling us through oil-pressure readings and subtle coolant use that it wants out, we are going to add a Ford Racing 363-inch crate engine to the car and see if we can “work” the front end off the ground. Stay tuned.

Rules of the antisquat
If your car...

  • is heavy
  • has a numerically lower gear ratio
  • uses a big tire
  • makes no torque
Then you should: Hit the tire harder using an IC above the antisquat line

If your car…

  • is light
  • has a numerically higher gear ratio
  • uses a small tire
  • makes a lot of torque
Then you should: Soften the hit using an IC below the antisquat line

In this sequence, you can see the car hitting the tire hard and immediately moving to the right (from the driver's perspective), as the rear dampers fail to control the speed of the car's rotation and the sway bar and front suspension allow the passenger rear tire to rotate up into the body and unload. As the car moves through the frame, you can see the nose dive as the front suspension fails to slow down the weight transfer to the front of the car, bottoming out the suspension and starting the second bounce, again unloading the tires. The MMS parts solved all these problems at once and gave us the ability to fine-tune the car.

Parts List
Description PN Price
MMS caster camber plates MMCC7989 $209.97
MMS 13⁄4-inch rear sway bar weld-in MMRSB-6.1 455.97
MMS front coilover conversion kit COP-2 375.33
MMS R lower control arms MMRLCA-34.1 459.95
MMS R spring conversion MMCA-1 29.00
MMS rear coilover springs Varies by spring 63.97
Tokico D-Spec struts DB3140 189.97 each
Tokico D-Spec shock DE3608 129.97 each
Flaming River manual rack kit FR189FT 498.78
Frontend alignment N/A 50.00
Mickey Thompson ET Streets 26x11.50R15 202.99 each

Ford Racing Performance Parts
15021 Commerce Drive S
Suite 200
MI  48120
Summit Racing
Tokico Performance Shocks
550 W. Artesia Blvd.
CA  90220
Micky Thompson Tires
Maximum Motorsports
3430 Sacramento Dr., Unit D
San Luis Obispo
CA  93401
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